[H] <Thrash> (16/16N, 2/16H) LF Tank or Heals

01/22/2013 05:21 PMPosted by Mmurrggll
But I like having failcynta as a healer =(

meh I also like the idea of 2 resto shamans and Galcynta tanking is only an option if there is an exceptional healer looking for a guild
Im down for whatever #YOLO
Forget Yolo
We'll never forget YOLO...

Nevermind, just realized it's a horde guild.
We *might* be changing our guild name to <Hashtag YOLO>, so just a heads up for all you aspiring tanks.
Mmurrggll i am going to ninja your guild name
Well hello there! You guys seem pretty fun to be around, I would love to chat with ya about a raid spot ingame at some point. My progression is not as far as you guys are, but I learn fights very fast. I have been raiding pretty constantly since Burning Crusade came out. (Kara and on) I can heal as disc or holy and can go shadow if needed. I have experience raiding as all 3. I hope to talk with you soon!
Yea definitely, just add my battletag and we'll chat!

^ Still looking!
Hey I am 484 brewmaster spec monk looking for a raid guild. I am more than willing to move back to Hyjal. I was the MT for my previous guild and when I left we were 8/16. I have been a tank in some form or fashion since wrath.
Hey Trappest, add my realID Suthrnr#1637

We're on break until 5.2, but its coming soon anyway so I'd love to talk to you about it!

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