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Bleeding Hollow
I only need Thassarian for this achievement to be done and get Veteran of the Molten Front. Any of you guys need Mankrik and we can setup a /wave trade?
Actually I need Thassarian myself. At the release of the Molten Front, my guild and I were hordeside on Mug'thol (a 20:1 Horde favor server), so it was almost impossible for most hordies on the server to get it. Since moving to BH I've been checking almost every day as I can remember to try and get Thassarian, at this point I'm offering 5k to the person who can get him to spawn with me out there.
Bumping this again as it's been a few months and I want to see if anyone is interested, I'm more than willing to go out there everyday and try to get an alliance player Mankrik if they do the same for me for Thassarian.
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One day...someone will come...
Good Luck
Umare i can help you out i dont need the achievement but i have no problems helping you get it :3
I will love you forever, I stopped checking cause I lost hope. Hopefully you will see this even though that was almost 2 months ago ><

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