If Vol'jin were Warchief?

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Thrall for warchief! Garrosh is too war crazed and immature.
I think the Darkspear trolls just want peace, a home, and to be left alone for the most part. So as warchief I think that's what Vol'jin would aim for. Of course he'd defend his people and land as savagely as possible, but I don't think he'd start new conflicts.
If Vol'jin were Warchief I suspect he'd give the mantle away, probably to someone like Baine Bloodhoof, or possibly Saurfang (though Baine is much more likely). Vol'jin is an egoless leader, and I think he's probably smart enough to recognize that the orcs wouldn't accept a Troll Shadow Hunter as their Warchief. His rule would see Thrall-esque disorder and insubordination times 10, no matter how wise of a leader he were. Crazy-!@# Kor'kron raids on human towns, the Forsaken's new val'kyr going apey with dead-raising, pissed-off orcs joining the Fel Horde, you name it.

We don't know much about Baine, but we know his dad had enough fire to challenge Garrosh to a duel to the death, even if he was typically reserved. If Baine is as honorable as his dad, that's the kind of leader that the orcs will respect.

Functionally, I'd be willing to bet one of two things happen:
1. Vol'jin dies in the fight against Garrosh and Baine strikes the final blow, making him Warchief; or
2. Vol'jin survives the fight, but gives away the title of Warchief when someone tries to give it to him.
I would respect the Horde SO MUCH MORE if Garrosh was removed.

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