BWC Concludes - VODs Available Here

after watching this. it's funny they are nerfing warriors. really funny lolololoolollololo so damm fun funy
So EG & BI both wanna lose to seed lower, this should be an exciting match up......
so much lag, im closing this, done for the night. kinda frustrating to not be able to watch the pro players because of the lag.

fix it blizz, or sha of anger will hit your HQ, yelling stuff like YOU CANT BURY ME AGAIN.
5 mins to load the adds that will lead me to the wow chan 2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
11/17/2012 09:55 PMPosted by Shaofanger
so much lag, im closing this, done for the night. kinda frustrating to not be able to watch the pro players because of the lag.

The lag is pretty bad - cannot really follow the matches because the video stalls every 10-15 seconds. But, you get what you pay for I suppose. (ie nothing paid, poor product.)
No one's updating the brackets on the website? Would love to be able to see who's winning the matches I'm not currently watching.
in all fairness most of the lag isn't from Blizzard or the production, it's coming from's end.

But with that said Blizzard should know that twitch does a poor job streaming tournament. Not sure why they just wouldn't stream to youtube like they did with the MoP launch event, that worked well.
Can we get brackets updated please?
I thought that the LoL finals were badly handled, and this makes them look very well done. At least when they had the ability for games to be played they did.

This was honestly the worst E-sports event I've ever seen. Maybe the SC2 streams were better, wouldn't surprise me. But at least he WoW side was handled in a horrible fashion. a 40-50 minute break between matches wouldn't be acceptable in any other competitive environment that was supposed to be watched. No wonder there are more people watching private streams then this one.
Why isn't there a better quality of the VODs available? It's actually laggy even AFTER it concludes. Meaning it's simply the quality being bad, not the latency or server overloaded or whatever it is.
Still waiting on a non-laggy, non-stuttering and decent quality of the games uploaded.
You'd think that with the infinite money:

- The announcers wouldn't be as bad. Hire Joe Buck and brief him on the game. You can make it happen.

- They'd cut the downtime from the recorded feed.
I apologize if this is not posted in the correct area, but does anyone know what is the name of the song (in the background) that plays at the start of the VoD for the Grand finals? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.
laggy vods

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