[H] 481FrostDK LF HC/Semi-HC raid guild.

Looking for core position in a Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore raiding guild, 10 or 25 man.

~100% Raid attendance guaranteed.
~100% Raid participation and situational awareness.
~Not a aggro-pulling meter wh0re, keyboard turner or clicker.
~fast/stable internet connection and high performance PC.

I take the time to make sure my characters are dishing out 100% of what they are capable of and I play to win... i do hope your guild has the same mentality and ambitions as i do.
Also, i just want to note that i am done with MSV progression and do not want to join your guild if you spend hours smashing your heads against elegon's chamber walls.

*Willing to server transfer if needed*

Saturday/Sunday: all day
Monday -> Friday: anytime after 6:30pm GMT-7 (6pm Hyjal Server time)

Please leave a post here, pm me in-game or leave me a in-game mail if you wish to get in contact with me.
[H] Remedy could use a fdk for our 10m raiding guild
We raid Wed/Thurs 7-10 server and are currently 4/6MV
If you're interested, please contact me in game or app online at http://remedyonhyjal.org

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