3yr guild ♦ 7/12 wknd 10m LF DPS+OT

Guild Recruitment
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Looking for a home with history and stability? Busy until later at night and free on the weekends? Prefer a lighter raiding pace but would still like to enjoy end-game content? Above all, is a serious raiding team that truly values your happiness important to you?

If you've answered YES to most of these, please continue reading!

Realm: Undermine (PvE), medium population
Timezone: EST
Raid Format: 10man
Group: Team2 - 16/16N 7/12N
Times: 10pm - 1am EST (7p - 10p PST, 8p - 11p MST, 9p - 12a CST)
Days: Fridays + Saturdays occasionally

<The Metalocalypse> (3/13H T15, 7/16H 16/16N w/elite T14, 8/8H T13) is a PvE-oriented guild with a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly, mature community. This recruitment is for the second group which runs on weekends and is more casual*. We focus primarily on enjoyable progression, like our first team, but at a lighter pace. Although Team2 formed late in Cata, they finished that tier with 6/8H DS. They are currently 16/16N and 7/12N as a team. Plus, some of the raiders on this group also have individual experience with all normal modes and several heroic modes.

*Please note we are only referring to level of commitment; we hold all our raiders to similar standards, regardless of whether they raid several days a week or only weekends. For Team2, this basically means knowledge of fights, appropriate gear, and a positive attitude. Make no mistake though, we are pretty laid-back and want to enjoy ourselves. :)

Current Needs
  • HEALER+DPS: monk / druid
  • DPS+TANK: druid / monk, MT position closed*
  • mDPS: enhance / monk
  • rDPS: hunter / balance / shadow

Updated 5/18. Higher priorities in UNDERLINE.

*To clarify, the tank position currently available is as OT (DPS who can tank if/when needed).

We will consider all applicants regardless of class though!

DETAILS & APPLICATIONS: http://themetalocalypse.enjin.com
MAIN RECRUITMENT THREAD: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9245175201
GENERAL RECRUITMENT: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9164966670
Need an OT
Prepared OT can start as early as tonight!
Still looking
Need an OT
Still looking
Immediate opening for an OT as we'd like to swap our temporary one to DPS
Any monks or druids looking to tank on the weekends? Come chat with us!
Logging for the night. Still looking for that OT !
Still lookin
monk / druid would be best, we can work with others though

non-warrior tank highly preferred

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