[H] <S Key> 5/16 Recruiting

<S Key> is a new guild formed by 4-5 raiders that broke off from a previous guild to pursue further progression in MoP content. We are currently 5/16 and plan to progress and push into heroics as soon as possible.

The GMs are experienced in all end game heroic content including as far back as good ol C'thun and vanilla Ragnaros.

Raid Times: Tuesday-Thursday 5-8 server time. We may start earlier or push farther past raid time depending on our progression for the day and how much we are getting done.

Currently Recruiting:
One healer, non pally or priest (prefer shaman)

All exceptional player are encouraged to apply even if your role isn't listed!

We also love to pvp and all raiders currently have a full pvp set and are active in guild arenas. The guild currently has a vanilla High Warlord and a S8/9 Ex-Glad. We are always looking for more active pvpers to raise the variation on our arena teams and also to form a more diverse RBG group in the future.

To get in contact whisper Pandamonium, Desqt, Murzlok, or Snappysnap. 2 GMs and 2 alts of those GMs just in case.

Ty for the interest!
Come raid with us!
what are you recruiting ?
Oh god. Who's playing Snappysnap? :-O

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