Cross realm sucks or just me?

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ok so i just got back on wow was gone for over a year and i was thinking cross realm oh cool the i try questing or farming and i got like 10 or more different lvl 80+ killing my quest mobs just for skinning or someone them flying down out of nowhere right as im about to get herb to lvl skill to find out he got there right before i walked up to it. i would just like to say i pay my monthly fee like everyone else why cant i play on realm that i picked and not have random people from other realms i got other issues about this that i can go on about all day but i see a lot of people have same problem Please do something thank you
Gathering happened on a PvE realm.
Working as intended.

In all seriousness, it's nearly impossible to keep up a gathering prof now while levelling imo. Perhaps that's because I had trouble keeping a gathering prof while levelling before... but whatever.
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