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Hey Kil'jaeden,
Carnage is back from about a 3 year break and we're looking to rebuild the guild. We are looking for new & old school pvpers to join up and bring Carnage back up to the top of it's game. The requirements to join the guild will eventually be back to 2000+ arena ratings but for now we're playing a little catch up. We'd love to have some of the old schoolers back. We're looking out for pvpers who want to be dedicated to arenas and have a fixed in-guild RBG group. Healers at the moment are our priorities on recruitment.

PST anyone in the guild if you are interested in being apart of the guild.

I love you Blink
blink i love you long time, best pvp guild of all time

do you still have old screen shots of us, if so give me them <3
I hear you have Minxly. Where do I app?
HOLY !@#$.

Blink is back??

welcome back guys.
HOLY !@#$.

Blink is back??


Where did you go?? D:

Also Donnah...get cracking on that third pet slot. <333
Join the guild everyone free tugs for all.
Haha ddos idiots

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