Saturday Evening Weekly Realm 10-Man PuG

Area 52
Hey All,

I’m looking to organize a consistent weekly casual realm 10-man PuG (MSV, HoF, ToES) that will be on Saturday evenings from 7PM-10PM (EST/Server) (Time is flexible). Will use the following composition: 2 Tanks, 2 Melee, 3 Ranged, 3 Healers (1 with dps off-spec). I’m also hoping for a diverse class make-up (i.e. not all Mages as ranged). Must have ventrilo.

If you are interested, please glance over the expectations for the group.

1) Casual***: This is only one evening a week. If you’re coming on alt, please don’t expect to clear as far as your progression raiding main, at least in the initial weeks.
*** Currently, I only have time to log-in on Friday & Saturday evenings and would like to raid with a laid-back group of mature players***

2) Have a good attitude: As with any new group, there may be a few wipes while the group gets its bearings, please be patient.

3) Consistent Attendance: Please only express interest if you can attend each week. Having the same players show up will make the runs go a lot smoother.

If none of these have completely turned you off and you are still interested, please leave your class/spec below along with the best way to be contacted in-game and I will be in touch.

Take Care,


Dec 1/12: Current needs: 1 Tank, 3 Healers (one with dps off-spec)

Current Roster:

Tank: Hushly - Brewmaster Monk
Melee: Sänshou - Enhancement Shaman
Melee: Deathbygrip - Frost Death Knight
Ranged: Ustayalive - Shadow Priest
Ranged: Vampyraw - Mage
Ranged: Dreadtron - Warlock
Healer with dps off-spec:
Sounds fun! I have been part of a group that did this same thing and after a couple weeks of jellin together bosses started dying. I would be interested in one of the 3 ranged spots as a Shadow Priest. Hope this takes off and peeps join up!

Hey Ustay,

I'll keep you updated as more people express interest.
Cool ! Hope all works out for the group!
This is Vampyraw on Area52. I am willing and availible to raid.
I am looking at moving to an Eastern time zone server. A laid back Saturday raid sounds great. I have a DK or a mage that I can raid with and I have a friend that is working on gearing a warlock up. I will shoot you my RealID.
The warlock is Dreadtron
Sweet! We getting closer! I can ask some friends also when we find out what we need to feel spots!
Still looking for 2 Tanks and 3 Healers (one with dps off-spec)!
Keep em comin!
Hey Noirlife, I'll put you down as our Holy Paladin. Just follow the post for updates. If you have any questions, I'm online Friday and Saturday evenings.
Current Needs: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers (one with dps off-spec).
Updated for current roster. Let me know if there are any discrepancies.
Hi there,

Will there be a raid this coming Saturday 11/24? Due to the holiday, I may not be able to attend, I will make arrangements to be there if we are indeed starting this sat.
Please advise.
Ah yes, Americans have Thanksgiving (am Canadian). We'll aim to start on Dec 1st since we still need 4 more players and a few to transfer over.

Also, if anyone is willing to help out by spamming trade in the evening during the week it may speed up the process since I cannot log on till the weekend. I've just been using: "Hey all, I’m organizing a casual 10-man group that will run on Saturdays (7PM-10PM EST). If you can attend each week and are interested, pst for more information. Currently, searching for tanks and 2 healers. Thanks!"

Modify as you please. If anyone bites just refer them to this post for more info.
Still needing two tanks and two healers.

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