Saturday Evening Weekly Realm 10-Man PuG

Area 52
Edit: So the forums lack a strike through, saddening really. Sorry for wasting your time and forum space, I've been informed about some stuff going on and I am probably not able to do this time. I feel pretty embarrassed. I hope the best for your future endeavors.
No worries Kyyraa!
Edit: Unfortunately I won't be making it either. Very sorry for taking up your time.
All good Noirlife, best of luck to you!
Still searching for Tanks and Healers.
I wouldn't mind healing this tonight. 477 ilvl
Hey Xayuyo,

I spoke with you in-game, we will be starting this group next week.
Still searching for tanks and healers for weekly Saturday runs!
Tanks and healers still needed
I'd be happy to tank! For the forseeable future I don't have a raid group for this guy cause most guilds run on tues/weds/thurs and I can't do weds/thurs so this works out well xD
Hey Hushly, I'll update you on the roster. I'll toss you a mail tomorrow in-game.
<tips hat and welcomes Hushly, looks around knowing another tank and some heals are close by
I heard healing is awesome, some people should come be awesome with us :P
LF for a Tank and some healers. Would love to raid Saturday nights with players from the Area 52 community.

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