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Lately I've been growing tired of what seems to be a declining at worst, stagnant at best, roleplaying scene, and I'm looking for something of a higher caliber. My idea is that instead of sitting here hoping things will turn out better and someone will do something about it, that I get proactive and begin to actively change things myself.

My concept here is to create a heavy RP guild that requires the following...

* Must be lore-abiding. You don't need to be a lore expert, but you do need to be moderately knowledgeable about the lore, and prepared to change concepts if it conflicts with the lore. Some room here for creativity, expanding on lore that is vague (that is to say fashion, diet, concepts not explicitly covered by the lore).

* Not be a Mary Sue, power gamer, or go OOC without the (( )), and since it is a heavy RP concept, to minimize OOC chat while roleplaying to a minimum, at least in /say and /yell. These just get rid of problems that can arise. The choice between /rolling to determine outcomes or simply allowing each other chances to win, is up to the roleplayers.

* Must be at least level 20. The idea here is that someone will put some investment of their time to show they are serious, even if you are just aiming for a simple character like a baker, candlestick maker, farmer, etc, this gives you access to a mount, a decent RP outfit, and shows you are interested in the character. Beyond that there would be no level requirements, aside from roleplaying in high-level areas.

That's pretty much it. Aside from that it would just be using decent syntax, spelling, grammar, avoiding "net/1337" speak, and being respectful of each other. The roleplaying themes would be up to the roleplayers themselves, but attempting to keep it around the maturity level of Warcraft (using NPCs as guidelines).

Now this seems pretty standard, but here's the kicker... this guild would be on a RP realm that is not very active for RP, one of those long-abandoned realms like Silver Hand, Shadow Council, Argent Dawn, etc. The concept behind this guild would be that people interested in a mature, fun, immersive Azerothian good time would join the realm, join the guild, and if it grew large enough, the project could attract other dejected roleplayers from all realms, allowing people to meet those they never have before, and create a new haven for people with the intent of primarily roleplaying.

Just like a hardcore raiding guild draws people to that server, or a hardcore arena team, this could have a similar effect of attracting roleplayers. Success could easily be measured, as the realm would increase in roleplaying activity, we'd be able to monitor how successful the project was. If it grew big enough, other heavy RP guilds would be encouraged to spring-up on the server, and a shared chat channel and public website could keep people networked.

My idea behind all this is to create a new home for roleplayers, a fresh start. If it works for raiders and hardcore PvPers, why not roleplayers? Oh and the guild would not be themed, it would be heavy RP, but would be a collaboration of roleplayers. The concept is that the guild could host events, soom would just be a "call-to-arms" so to speak to various localities, like drawing people to Winterspring one night, or a pub in Booty Bay another, to actual events like a murder, court case, uprising, archaeological discovery, etc, and the various characters of the guild could simply show up to these, and build their own storylines from them.

So what do you think of this idea? Is it time for a fresh start for roleplaying? Time to put as much effort as hardcore raiders put to raiding or elite PvPers put to PvP?
Wish ya luck in your endeavor
You'd have to get some pretty dedicated officers if you want it to last very long at all. A guild concept can be great, but if there's no core group of members, then it quickly falls apart.


>level 1 Human
>Goldshire Crew

pls stahp
You'd have to get some pretty dedicated officers if you want it to last very long at all. A guild concept can be great, but if there's no core group of members, then it quickly falls apart.


>level 1 Human
>Goldshire Crew

pls stahp

Just a random invite for my bank alt. Not sure why I posted on this. Anyway, thanks for the comments. I'm just testing the waters and seeing if there is an interest in this concept.
Your idea is great, but unless you got a good core group together its not going far. And the problem is multiplied by the lack of interest in general. There are a lot of hardcore rp guilds out there. Bigger is not better.

A server that does not have a lot of rpers is not going to be any harder or easier to get established. And just exactly what did you have in mind anyway? Somehow eliminating the immature non serious rper or those who do not follow lore religiously?
I'd totally be interested, I've been wanting to get back to WoW RP for a while now, but I would probably be of little use for you: I live in Australia, therefore my active times would be out of whack for you.
lolz rp on shadow council you my friend are funny shadow council is the rp server blizz gave up on we are the safe haven for the corrupted, evil, and just plain trolly now and we love it
Lore bidding? Son you need officers that know there stuff and are able to theroy craft on what is acual creativity and what is mary sue. This will be hard since many people use RP as a fun escape not the grinding for gear PVP and PVE offers.

GL and if you make it work tell me.
At least go for a server that is moderately friendly to rpers. I strongly suggest Cenarion Circle. They are really good at tolerating rpers, and it is one of the oldest rp servers.

If you create a guild there I would be happy to join you and help as I can. Horde rp is somewhat lighter than Alli, and they are working at getting more random rp. They are pretty much event driven and a lot of guild rp.

It would work very well for me, I have good support there and room to give you an alt or two.

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