[A] Total Eclipse 10man recruiting

Hi Lightbringer, Total Eclipse is a newly transferred guild to looking to expand our raiding ranks.

We were 6/8 Heroic through Dragonsoul, but had trouble recruiting for mists on our old server.
Currently 3/16 progression wise through mists.

Looking for:
1 Melee DPS - Pref plate
Ranged DPS - High priority

Raid times will be:
Tuesday - 7-10pm Server
Thursday - 7-10pm Server

Flasks, Enchants, Gems and Repairs provided for raiders.

For more information either contact Me (Alexcia, Battletag - Laerium#1821)
or Zilly (Allanøn, Battletag - Ichigø#1435 *the O alt code is Alt+0248)
Contrary to the Wow forums, we are indeed Alliance with a guild name change hehe. :)
That's too bad. We need more horde.
Yikes still no updated forum. Well, still looking for awesome people!
Question i am planning on transfering to this server, as the one im on, vashj is horrible for raiding. My ilvl is 479, MS protection, OS holy. Trying to get a spot with a guild, before i pay the $25, so i would love to hear back from you.
Hi, Whatsaggo. :) If you'd like to add zilly to battletag (info in first post), I'm sure he'll want to hear a bit more. Probably easier than trying to communicate over forums.
the o is alt 0248 hit me up if your interested
Update on what we're after. :)
Bumps + update. :)

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