503 Armory error

Website Bug Report
I'm getting this error message anytime I try to look up someone else's characters on armory as well as when I attempt to look up a guild(even when I try to look up my own guild). However I have no problem looking up characters on my account.
I'm noticing the same problem. I'm able to load peoples' characters (albeit very, very slowly) and the guild list is down entirely. The Armory as a whole seems to be buggy right now.
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I think this is also breaking the Armory app
I'm getting this error myself, also seems like the website is being extremely slow on my end to.
Website being slow
Web based AH part of Armory is not working
Mobile Armory isn't working.

Looks like it is safe to assume it's on Blizzard ends right now. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.
I'd just like to chime in and say I'm having the exact same issue.
This has been happening to me since yesterday.

Edit: Now that I posted, it's working.
I think it might be an actual Website problem, for the last 24hours I was having connection issues, it started last night for me about 8:50pm CST, I tried to log back in but got an error stating could not connect after a few minutes of it trying to log in, after that I tried to log in to the website and got the "An error has occurred try again", I have had this issue since last night, so I powered down my laptop and called it done. I then got to work this morning and tried to go on to the website and had the same error, mind you I am on a work computer now, so not really a connection or program issue, I can get to the Battle.net portion of my account just not the WoW website, so I submitted a ticket, and so far nothing to the resolution of this problem, but now after 3 responses I can now actually log on to the site, but the AH is now having issues, so my beliefs are that this is a Blizz side problem, not individual.

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