[A-PvE] Late-Night Raid Team, LF Monk OT

Moon Guard
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We are currently 6/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 in Heart of Fear and 3/4 in Terrace.

Hello! Our raid team needs a few core members to be complete. This is where you come in. First, some information!

The raid nights are Saturday and Sunday at 11pm till 2:30am. We are not looking to recruit into a specific guild, just a group of people for raiding.

If you cannot be at every raid, every week, please do not apply. We are looking for dedicated members that have the ability to be as mature as they can be serious.

We understand that because we are not asking for any members to be in the same guild that conflicts might arise. This said we value dedication in the upmost. If you would like to leave the raid team at any time to support your own guild that is fine. However, you -will- be removed from our raid team should you not be able to attend raid nights because of prior saves. You will be taken off the team and replaced. You will not have the option of rejoining the team.

Our basic requirements are as follows:
The Addon - Deadly Boss Mods
An item level of 485 or higher
Dedication to working on bosses with true attempts for more then fifteen times in a night
Knowing one's class and actively increasing your knowledge on said class
Ability to get onto Ventrilo and have a working Microphone
TEAM ETHICS -- This is important to have; the desire to do what's necessary for the raid team as a whole.

Currently we are looking for:

Monk Off-Tank w/DPS OS

If you are interested please leave what times you are available for an interveiw (And a test run: Heroic instance or LFR/Raid) below. Or message myself or Arrowshifter in game.

Should you have any questions about what was and what was not addressed in the above please send inquiries to me in game and I will get back to you in a timely manner.
Le bumpity.
Hello! I'd be thrilled to join your team - I believe my item level stands around 385 right now and I'm currently working my way to level 90. I am very active and your raiding times are perfect for my schedule being a college student. Would you like to talk in-game about this further?
That's all true. Yes. But you should realize you'll also be raiding with me. Worst mage AND person on Moon Guard.
Tieve's not -that- bad though.
Oi. No love for the warrior tank you already have? :<
We never wanted to have a solid Warrior tank, Mario :P
11/16/2012 10:42 PMPosted by Garlyn

11/16/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Arrowshifter
We never wanted to have a solid Warrior tank, Mario :P

... Right, because I'm not a wall of meat that's stupidly easy to heal. *grumbles*
Mario, I really appreciate you being able to raid with us until we get our team together. But I did tell you before that our main team is gonna have a blood DK MT and monk OT when we get the spots filled. It's just a matter of time, until then you're (obviously) still welcome to raid with us.
I'll speak my grievances about that in private when I get home. I'd rather not derail a thread.
Alrighty.. I'll probably be asleep and won't be on till later tomorrow evening due to family visitation but we can definitely discuss it then! :)
I am Gozex and I support this team. Hope you have many good raids with lots of good loot. :)
My name is Franceska and I am pro-Gozex.
I was interested until I realized that you have class specific wants for your tanks. Unfortunately, I'm only about to be raid ready as prot (ilevel 469) and that's my preferred PvE spec and obviously I am neither a death knight nor a monk.

Oh well.
/Last weekend of work bumb
Raid Tonight Bump
Waiting for Tieve to not be AFK for the raid bump :|

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