[A-PvE] Late-Night Raid Team, LF Monk OT

Moon Guard
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Today is raid day and perfect time for people to try oouuut~ Hint, hint, hint.
Bump-bump, bump-bump
Awesome raid tonight, 6/6 of vaults with elegon and will down tonight. :) Heart of Fear tomorrow!
Morning bump! Still need those taaaaaanks. And dppppppsssss.
She's a maaaaniac, maaaaaaaaaaniac~

I should be getting paid for this.
Smooth 6/6 MSV, Heart of Fear tomorrow~
*Licks the post*
this thread is bear dogs
It's not bear dogs. It's nettlefish cats. Tourists.
I was told to post here. I was promised cake. The cake is a lie.
I'm here to kill bugs and chew bubblegum. And they ran out of bugs.
chew bugs and kill bubblegum*
Always a good time raiding with you guys! Thanks for the invite.
Still looking for peeps
Much love for Gozex, everyone's favorite grumpy gnome.
P.S. I updated main post, reflecting our raid progression and the roles we still need.. Which are Hunter DPS and our two tanks.

Monk Tank.

Where art thou?
Sometimes, you look up. And realize. Garalon is right there. And man, you're gonna cause a crush. But then, it's LFR, so you don't care.


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