[A-PvE] Late-Night Raid Team, LF Monk OT

Moon Guard
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Lolli-pop, lolli-pop oh lolli lolli lolli. *Pop* Ba-bump bump bump bump
And then you see Gozex, singing lollipop in your thread.

And then you realize.

I see clouds of white~
Light blessed days and dark sacred nights~

And I think to myself~

I want this thread to buuuummmmppp~
<3 Gozex best gnome buddy
Back up. Let's go tanks, let's go~ Bum bum.
Grr, argh.
Another raid this weekend~

Hoping to get Garalon down. >:]
/gives the forum post some lovin'
Pick up my sword it's time to do business
Strap on my cloak I'm 'bout to roll with this
When you're this swag this world just bows at your knees
I'm gonna start givin' 5g to folks who bump this thread. >:[
5g to myself..~

Raid tonight, perfect time for any DK or Monk tanks or hunter dps to try out~
Fran, gimme 5g for my "beforeraidnap" bump. >:D
Sec one sec reconnect.
Bump up.
Garalon down to 5%.. Ugh.
Up we go.
Another bump by yours truly.
Gonna be hitting page six soon.. Taaaanks, where for art thou?
Boop boop be doop.

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