░Corruption░ 10M 6/6 2/6 - Recruiting

Aerie Peak
We are currently looking for an OT: Pally, Warrior, Druid
and also a dps (or 2) : Lock, Warrior, Rogue, Ele shaman, or SPriest

We are currently 6/6MV and 2/6HoF but haven't progressed efficiently due to attendance and unforeseen accidents occurring to raid members, and therefore are searching for the dps and tanking positions to finish Garalon and continue on to 4/6 (Garalon is within our grasp if we finish the group)

We are pushing for server first by the end of this tier and need to proper players to achieve it

Times: ATM we are setting these according to the new group we are forming (as we had to do some position fixing lately) but most likely Monday, Thursday, third day to be decided. 5:30-6:00 server (8:30-9:00 EST)

Add me on real id if your interested michaeljregan@hotmail.com or emilio_padulo@hotmail.com

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