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Our Advertisement (TL;DR version):
LK Mafia looking for those who like to raid. Healers are highly wanted (You get to heal with me! YAY :D ). Dps are welcome as well. We are a friendly and helpful group, we raid 2 nights a week casually (4/6MV so far). Inexperienced welcome as you can learn and we can coach.

Guild Background:

We haven't done any recruitment until tonight since we started out as a group of people who knew each other from other places. We started out with lots of players (About 90 accounts) and over time we dwindled down to about 30 players. Since our times don't always mesh we are having a hard time keeping our 10 man group going. So looking to open up to the rest of the community. We are fairly new to Z'J starting in July 2011 but managed to get through all the raids which were up at the time. Although most of us knew each other before we gladly welcome newcomers and had a few people come in and become almost like new BFFs.

We are fairly casual but we manage to do current content fairly well. We are currently at 4/6 for MV. Not bad for no set raid group (just whomever signs up and often different people). Several of us are very dedicated and if you armory myself or others (Esp officers) you will see we try our best to remain competitive despite not being in a full raiding guild.

What we are looking for:

Healers - We wont turn any away but we currently have
Holy Priest (Myself), Restro Druid and Shammy, Disc Priest

DPS - We have lots of mages but again wont turn away but variety would be nice

Tanks are less of a problem (Unlike other guilds) but if a DPS has a tank offspec might be helpful incase of schedule problems.


We talk a lot in vent and guild chat. We tend to have fun and try things differently or just because. We are a level 25 guild with repairs, flasks, food for raids fully included. We are looking for others to fit in with us as a guild is all about how people act with each other. A good example for this is how we handle loot issues. It is common for someone to pipe up after they won and say that so and so might need it more. We work as trying to make sure everyone is the best.

Our raid nights tend to be weekends, currently we have Thursdays and Fridays for current content and Sundays for old content (Currently FL). Some people only make it one day or the other. Attendance isn't mandatory but we try to be respectful and only signup if we really can make it.
still looking :)

We are a great group :)
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