How do I resurrect a player?

I've never done it before but someone has resurrected me and I would like to know how to resurrect a player?
Look in your spellbook. The ability is called "Resurrection". I'd suggest perusing your spellbook thoroughly.
Very easy to do.

- Just open spellbook and find Resurrection.
- Drag that out into a toolbar for convenience.
- Click Resurrection and then click the corpse or, select the dead player first and then click Resurrection
- Profit!
If the player has released then you'll have to click the spell and then click on the corpse itself. If not, you can target-click the player and then just click the spell.
Side notes.

If the toon you're ressing is PVP flagged, you'll get flagged also.

Avoid any gear with stats that are useless for your class, such as agility and strength.
You also have a mass resurrection from your guild. It is in the top tab of your spell book.

Try not to use this as a player has to wait 10 mins before it can be used on them again.

Let the warriors etc. use this because they do not have another rez like you do. If they are the last one standing and someone has already used mass rez, they can't help.

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