Any plans for resto's Wild Mushrooms?

if 3 of ur shrooms hit 20 or more peeps it's a big heal...u guys r stupid....clearly i'm not talking about one single mushroom on one single person...u !@#$%!
Ozoreo , swearing and calling people won't solve anything.

The thing about the mushrooms is : It has a AoE DR meaning the more people it hits , the less effective it becomes. So , if single target it hits for maybe 7k , its only ~2k ish when it hits all 25 players ( Of course , not sure , it might be lower. ) making it a waste of 3 GCDs
Ozoreo, you should really just... Not respond.
well i guess the easiest fix would be to increase the cd, buff the healing done, and perhaps make the gcd on mushroom placement 0.5 seconds ala healing sphere
I have no ideas on how to change Wild Mushrooms for resto, but I would like to see a buff to it.

It's a fun spell to use but the healing is so lackluster that it's not worth it.
I giggled when I read all of Ozoreo's posts. You should really learn the class before you try and pretend you have any knowledge of the class. Kthx.

On a side note, I really like these ideas. The only thing I think is a bit over the top is the 20k per mushroom on idea B. You can't have it too low, because it wont be useful, like it is now. You also can't have it too high because it will be overpowered and scream "NERF!" by all other classes. At this point, I think it's just a balancing issue and will require some tweaking. Once a good solid change and / or number is found, I think mushrooms will become something that druids will be happy we have instead of something we're ashamed to use GCD's for.

Well , heres a couple of ideas :

A) Let it have a HOT lasting say... 5 seconds and does 5-7.5k every second no DR and probably increase the CD and mana by a little.

B) Let it be an efflorescence-like effect by having the CD increased to 30 seconds and you get the HOT by standing on the perty circles on the ground. Does around 20k healing per person with 1 mushroom = 60k with 3 mushrooms no DR , mana increased and it lasts for 10 seconds

C) Turn it into another raid-wide CD by putting it on a 2 min CD only 1 mushroom can be placed and once again you must STAY in the green circle to get the effect which like above heals for 20k every 2 seconds for 10 seconds? No DR.
Only fight I have used them on is feng. Only because I place them before it starts, and during downtimes and I KNOW everyone will be stacked in the middle.

Other then that, I say.. What mushrooms? I don't have any mushrooms ? :P
mushrooms are so uesless unless theirs a stack involved, even then it sucks. the throughput is so small.
The biggest issue with Mushrooms is that they suffer heavily from AoE DR. That works against itself so hard, because they why put 3 mushrooms down to heal one person? So, you put mushrooms down to heal a stack of people, but then the AoE DR reduces the healing so much that even as a "I'm waiting for my cooldowns to come back up" filler spell, it's pretty useless.

I really do like the mechanics of the mushrooms, but they need to be fixed, tweaked, or re-worked. Just something.

Also, since it's Monday now, if we're lucky a blue might post saying something about their plans, thoughts, etc. If we're lucky :)
Anybody remember the mushrooms in Cataclysm. This is a HUGE step up. They literally just did the smallest amount of damage before, I am talking absolutely miniscule. That is when mushrooms were useless. The heals are a nice addition and setting them up before a boss fight or in the middle of a bunch of team mates is a welcome addition in my opinion, adds a nice little kick to healing that we didn't have in Cata.

Me likey.
I stand by the fact that the healing done by Wild Mushroom: Bloom is beyond under-par and needs changes. People saying mushrooms are in a very good spot and do great healing must not do testing, progression raiding, or even heal, for that matter.

On all of the heroic fights I have done, I have been disgusted with the lack of healing Mushrooms have been doing. Here are my "Biggest" complaints.

1. They are pretty much useless if people aren't stacked tight.
2. If people are stacked tight, they are a little less useless (not by much), but still pretty useless. Pretty much used a filler between Swiftmend, Wild Growth, and Rejuv spotting.
3. Greatly affected by diminishing returns.

I also have things that I like about mushrooms as well:

1. Able to drop all 3 mushrooms at a fairly quick rate.
2. Low mana cost (This also comes with the very low healing, so mana up = healing up? I'm ok with this.)
3. They refresh Harmony.
Well i would personally make big changes to them. Keep 3 or you really could change the number on the ground if you like. Make them basically a bubble type mechanic so druids get one since they are one of the few without one.

All players within 10 yards of the mushroom receive a 5k dmg shield which dmg is redirected to the mushroom with a 10-15sec diminishing return. Upon being destroying the mushroom exlodes doing x amount of healing.

The bloom would then be changed to a 1min CD maybe (yeah people might not like druids having ANOTHER CD). Then give the bloom effect a little bubble over an area that people can stand in that is similiar to anti-magic zone.

I dont know if this is best but this would make me do 2 things tho.

1 drop mushroom as often as i can without stacking them so that it is doing something besides just dropping a mushroom.

2 makes me use the bloom but not the way it would now if you flat out boosted the healing

You can't just boost bloom healing because if it gets to the point of effective all that will happen is on heavy AE we would just drop mushrooms and bloom and then maybe hit WG with the bloom CD.
Adding efflorescence wouldn't make it too strong since it works like all our other multi-target heals instead of AoE heals that have no limits and can go through line of sight things like ice blocks.
Blizzard, i want to be weaving rejuvenation, nourish and clear cast regrowth's in between my swiftmend and wildgroth's, not planting mushrooms 24/7.

I realize their design intent is to be placed over time, however due to constant raid movement there are minimal boss encounters in which this theory works, and i am forced to plant and bloom all 3 shrooms consecutively.

Imo there are only 3 boss encounters where ur design intent works for wild mushrooms (10 man), feng, elegon, emperor

Their healing done abysmal for the effort and time required to place 3 mushrooms, if wild mushrooms design remains the status quo, their healing and cd, and or mana cost needs increasing

Fixing wild mushroom would go along way to addressing resto druids healing concerns without affecting pvp, especially in 25 man

Here are my thoughts on wild mushroom changes:

Status Quo Changes
- increase healing, increase cd on bloom, increase mana cost
- give plant wild mushroom a cd, or plant mushroom at mouse location (so i am not required to click 2 buttons to plant a mushroom, and i am not left with clunky plant mushroom cursor after having planted a mushroom)
- only allow 1 mushroom to be planted at a time (i do not like constantly planting mushrooms)

Design Suggestion 1
- only allow 1 mushroom to be planted at a time
- give that mushroom a limited duration, in which it heals like healing stream totem
- allow use of bloom to blow up the mushroom for extra healing
- give plant wild mushroom a cd

Design Suggestion 2
- only allow 1 mushroom to be planted at a time
- give it a limited duration, in which it blooms when its duration ends
- removed wild mushroom bloom

Design Suggestion 3
- remove plant wild mushroom
- allow mushrooms to passively spawn from healing from 1 or 2 spells (lifebloom?)
- players can then bloom when 3 mushrooms are up, or when the situation is favorable

ps blizzard; can u give me an interesting pve symbiosis option for resto other then a defensive cd i macro with barkskin (woohoo interesting) and an ability to save noobs on raid finder elegon

Design Suggestion 1
- only allow 1 mushroom to be planted at a time
- give that mushroom a limited duration, in which it heals like healing stream totem
- allow use of bloom to blow up the mushroom for extra healing
- give plant wild mushroom a cd

I like this, it would be similar to a Monk's Zen Sphere.

My take on mushrooms is that they're just a helpful addition to AoE healing along with efflorescence and swiftmend. We should get a glyph that turns them into a healing pulse type thing (instead of burst), and a sporeggar sporeling so it can be moved :3
I just completely forget they exist for weeks at a time.
I rather have the old mushroom, the one that did dmg.

With the old one i used to farm skins in tol barad as resto, using mushroom, insect swarm and moonfire i killed the alligators fast.

Healing mushrooms suck a$$ since they heal for crap.
11/16/2012 08:50 AMPosted by Dreaux
I would not shed a tear if they removed them all together. That would free up to more keybinds for me.

I would shed a tear. OF JOY.

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