*Vehement* 3 Night 9/16HM LF DPS & Heals;

Raid times: Tues,Wed,Thur 8:00-11:00 server (9-12 EST)

Current Best Progress: 9/16HM MOP

Current recruitment
• DPS: Melee or Ranged Ranged DPS:
•Heals: Pally/Monk/Sham

Our requirements:
• Know your class & be willing to adjust for each fight. What glyphs to use, specs, if reforging is necessary, cooldown usage, etc. Do your own research on your own class.

• Be competitive as a GUILD & individually. You should always want to always improve. Compete for DPS/HPS, look at WOL logs, find out how you can improve personally and to help the guild. If you are way behind others of your class/ilvl and aren’t making improvements you will be replaced immediately.

• Be a mature/take responsibility as a team player. This means showing up on time for every raid. Have a positive attitude!! We are a HM guild, we will bang our heads on the wall, I don’t need huffs and puffs like someone stole your Twinkie. Come with suggestions & ideas.

• Accept criticism. This goes along with being a mature player, but if a healer offers a DPS a suggestion- listen to him and discuss/have a mature conversation. Many of us play multiple toons and have been raiding a long time!

•Working Microphone (We use MUMBLE). I thought this was a given but I've had a lot of people without mics want to join. I don't like trying to figure out what the hell you are typing. Have a mic and be willing to use it. If you can't speak english this might not be the guild for you.

If you’re interested feel free to respond to this or msg me/one of our officers in game or fill out an app on our website.


Nastronica- US Mal'ganis
Up to da top.. where are all the non-fails that like to compete out there...
Up and away.. and a side note... No we wont change our raid schedule for you, and yes you have to have mumble...
where are all the healers with balls?? BUMP BUMP !!
Priest, shammy, monk!!!!! Where YA AT!!!!!
bumpity- need dps too!!
BuMP bump BUMP bumP it Up!!
Let's go!! Join today and kill some more HM's!!! Wooo
Bump! Lets go dps where you at! Join in have fun
bump for a real cool resto drood
Upity up for more HM's going down this week!!

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