Blood Dk Lf active raiding guild

Long story short, Im a 480 ilvl blood dk, looking for an active raiding guild. My raid team currently doenst consistently show up and is having trouble with easier bosses. Im currently 4/6 MV, but have experience on Elegon to 10%. Havent tried anything else yet because i ahvent found pugs. Im a very fast learner, and it only take one good attempt to be famillar with a boss. Im come prepared with food, flasks, and potions. If interested message me here, in game or via realid warcrye#1491
Hey we are in need a Solid Tank and i think our progression is the same. 5% on elegon. If your interested please add me on realID so we can talk
Randomly Selected is looking for a tank our website is or whisper any officer/gm

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