Late nighters tired of sitting in trade?

Then join our guild!! Newly transferred to Lightbringer and looking to raid, Order of the Lionheart <25> we are. We are a friendly guild, core members have been raiding together since early WotLK. We are geared and ready to start, after the thanksgiving holiday. Our raid days vary, but are always within a mon-fri 9pm server time frame. Currently we are in need of some caster dps and a healer, but will consider anyone who has some talent (moving out of bad stuff).
If interested don't hesitate to reply, or talk to myself, Xulin, Jermswarefare, or Fortiss in game.
That is all.
New needs, looking for an OT/ with a heal or dps OS, and a heals/ with a dps OS.
Bump for a new guild!
Howdy yall,
I get outa work right at 9pm pst. Currently looking for the right people to raid with, looking to come to a pacific alliance server :D Where are yall at with your raid core atm.
We are in the need of a healer or tank, I can do either and just need someone to do the other. We have a Mage who runs with us weekly already, but if that does not bug you then you are welcome to join.

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