[H] The Dark Realm 7/16 10m LF Raiders!

Heyo, party people! The Dark Realm is a 10-man raiding guild that is currently looking for Tanks and Healers to flesh out the ranks. We have multiple raiding groups that require multiple classes/roles(don't hesitate to inquire) but we are primarily searching for Healers or Leather Tanks(you get all the Agi gear to yourself!). Currently 6/6 MSV & 2/6 HoF, looking to expand on that but we've got a few people moving around in the weeks to come so we need to get some replacements in place. If interested, please PM Odievahn, Ardraidi, Speedyp or Ashpridesin in game!
Good group. Need dedicated members and warm bodies alike
Bumpedy bump bump
Need a Resto Druid
Currently need an off tank. We would prefer a druid or a Monk
Bump for us
6/6 MSV working on progressing through HoF. Need a reliable off tank. Prefer Druid or Monk
Whisper Ardraidi/Petr/Speedyp/Odievahn
Still need a reliable Off tank
Join our guild
Bump for a reliable off tank
Great group
A bump above the rest
Bump for an off tank. Prefer druid or monk. All the agility leather is yours
Bump. Looking for more members
Bump !@#$%es
I was just wondering what your raid times are.
Raid times are 7/10 server Thur/Sat/Sun

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