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Just putting it out there. A tabard and title isn't much off a reward. You should make a better reward for such a hard achievement.
Yes please. Moar rewards plz.
It isn't really a hard achievement though. Time consuming, yes. Hard, no.
Well considering i just got Reins of the Thundering August Cloud Serpent today from one lousy rep grind you would think they could maybe look at revamping the rewards for the Loremaster grind which is much longer and arduous. I guess that would be unfair to people who got it earlier though. I only have a few zones left to complete for the achievement but theres not enough of a carrot on a stick for me to bother. Except the title maybe.
hard achievement ....

may i say lol.

lol lol lol

rofl rofl.....
I agree. Each expansion adds on an entire continent to complete. The reward for completing the majority of quests in the game for all expansions added together grants you a brown tabard with a yellow exclaimation mark and the title. Raid achievements through ONE expansion usually grants you several titles and mounts.
i got it fairly easy only because i had a crap load of toons that had completed area's and they all added up together so didnt feel as long as it probably would of been doing it all on one toon from the start.
Hard? Seriously, pre Cata, it may have been considered a little hard when you actually had to ride to most places instead of just flying over them.

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