[H] LFM Semi-Hardcore 10m - Frostmourne

<Ascent> is a serious 10 man raiding guild located on the oceanic server Frostmourne.
Our goals as a guild is to strive to maintain a healthy reputation as a successful 10 man raiding guild. We want to achieve and sustain end game content progression with a competitive nature, with clearing all normal and heroic content. We will also select a number of hand picked raiders to be apart of our core group.

We strive to complete all end- game dungeons, raids and scenarios. We will strive to be on top of all current content normal and heroic in each patch that is released throughout Mist of Pandaria.

The core team will be structured with some committed and dedicated players that will do anything to help with progression, to help the guild move forward.

So in saying all that above I am looking to employ some officers/guild coordinators and competent raiders that take the game seriously and will commit themselves and always put the guild first.

What i am looking for:
1. Serious wow players who have got some kind of qualification in the guild industry. Eg: Officer/GM/Raid Leader/Veteran

2. Players who are dedicated, committed and take raiding seriously. You must be active (online outside raid times), have a competitive nature towards others in a mature manner.

3. As i am wanting to from a tight knit team i want players that show ‘profits’ to the guild. This means help out in way you can, farm mats for raids, assist other members to improve their game play and be able to take criticism and talk within open discussions. We want to from a guild not just raiders raiding for themselves.

4. Be able to attend 90 % of the raids. Wed Sun Mon with some Thursdays 8-12 pm ST (Times may change and a 4th day may be added depending on progression)

Classes Needed.
- Ilvl 470+
- All DPS must do 60-70k dps min as we want to push into heroics asap.

Paladin (CORE)

Hunter (Core)
Rogue (Core)
Warlock (Core)

Holy Priest
(Must be able to play shadow well for 2 heal fights/some normals modes) (Core)
Holy Paladin (Core)

Raid Times:
Invites 7.50pm
• Wednesday 8:00 pm to 12:00am
• Sunday 8:00 pm to 12:00am
• Monday 8:00 pm to 12:00am
• With some Thursday nights.

All people that are interested in applying or joining this guild need to be mature, have a great understand of the game and to be really active outside raid times and get amongst the guild activities and achievements.

The GM, with support of our founding members, officers and veteran raiders, will strive to achieve excellence within the Frostmourne gaming community.

If this guild looks interesting for you please do not hesitate to ask an Officer in game for any more Information or you can head to www.ascent-horde.com, you can also chat to me over Battle.net with

farnzy26@gmail.com - Denots - GM
LFM Tanks and Heals
Prot Pally
Holy Priest , That can play shadow well
Holy Pally
and a mixed of melee and ranged dps
We are recruiting for a 13 man roster
LF Warrior Tank, Holy Pally, Holy Priest with decent OS and can play shadow well.
As i had a fire at my telephone exchange for past 12 days they were rebuilding it i lost a few prospective trials. But i am back ...

1 Warrior Tank
1 Rouge
Ele Shaman
Holy Pally
Holy Priest that can play shadow well.

Also must be able to raid 4 days Wed Thurs Sun Mon 7.45-12 in Progression. 3 Once farmed status.


Real ID: farnzy26@gmail.coim
Bump for more serious raiders
<Ascent> a newly formed serious raiding guild, We raid 3 nights a week maybe 4 in progression, Wed/Thurs/Sun. 7.45-12pm ST, LF prospective trials that will do anything for progression and help establish the guild. LF Rogue, Ele Shaman, Hunter! 465-470ilvl pst me

also looking for Subs/Backups to complete our 13 man roster.

Battle Tag: FarnzyFarnz#1531

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