[H] Need 1 DPS for 10man team! 6/6MV!

Howdy raiders!

Epic is currently looking for a decent dpser for one of our 10 man teams! We need someone with a fun attitude but can be slightly serious, and can commit to 90% of our raid nights! The team just formed last week but we already cleared MV and are working on HoF with heroics on the plate! So some tasty, juicy details for you that are still interested;

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 11:30-2am. (Try to log in 15 minutes beforehand so if you don't show up [plsshowup], we can replace you)

What We're Looking For:
    Any of these following classes and/or specs.
    Rogue (Any)
    DK (Frost)
    Warrior (Any)
    Druid (Balance)

What You Need Before You Apply:
    A working mic
    A good attitude!
    A gear level of 465+

STILL interested? Please apply!
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