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... but I'm from Australia and have a whacked out timezone. I've been off roleplaying for about a year and a half now (before Pandaria I was off WoW for that time, actually) and I want to get a bit of advice as to what realms and if possible, guilds would be best for someone in my situation. Realms aren't really a problem (I'm pretty certain it will just end up being Moonguard or Wyrmrest Accord. I formerly RP'd on Moonguard) but the main thing I'm looking for is information on the level of RP activity I'm likely to encounter and if there are any particular guilds with a high population of oceanic/late night players.
Frankly, I'm open to RP of either faction and don't have any character(s) in mind for the time being.

Hopefully Y'all can help me with my predicament: I'd very much like to get back to roleplaying again, especially now that I have craploads of spare time now-a-days.

If you can't help me I guess I'll just have to find a raiding guild or something and cry about not being in the main raid team.
Hey there, Ishuo! I am often on late at night. I have a very small guild, mainly me and a couple of rp friends, but they go to bed early and I am usually alone after 11 pacific time.

Horde of course, though I do have a guild on Alli side as well. Did you have a preferrence on faction or class/race? I know there are a few late nighters around. RP is not as prevalent as you might have guessed. But feel free to roll on Moonguard and give me an in game mail and we can get together some evening.

I have low levels as well as this one nearly to 90. What kind of character are you thinking about?
You can check out Earthen Ring's RP community on our network site:
I don't know what your time zone situation is like but.... Cenarion Circle is on PST and the Pacific coast is sort of near Australia? Nearer than like.... the east coast...

Time zones are so confusing. I think we should all operate on the same time zone all the time, and some people just sleep when the sun is up and work at night. :P

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