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I wanted to share my experience with the community on this week's Scourged Whelpling hunting.

I rushed home from work this week when I found out server maintenance had been delayed. I made it home just in time. The servers came up 5 min. after I got home. I had logged in and was watching the realm list for mine to come up. When they did I logged into my alt. parked at the tournament grounds in Icecrown (for the pet daily). There were a bunch of the whelps up of course. Myself and a few others cleared them out but no rares to be found.

I got off work the next day and tried a theory I had. I went straight to my alt. in Icecrown and waited a few minutes to see if any whelps would spawn. Right at the time the servers went up the prior day the whelps spawned. They came in small batches over the course of 10-15 minutes. At least a dozen total I'd say.

I made sure to be home at the same time for the next 2 days and experienced the same thing each day. Respawns 24 hours later in small waves over the course of 10-15 min.

Finally, yesterday, I snagged a rare. Very exciting. Only 4 more pets that can be upgraded to rare from pet battles to go!!

Moral of the story is that if you can find out the exact time that the servers reset each week you can be ready for respawns of this rare pet.
Would this theory also apply to the Minfernal?...
Please check the dates on threads before posting. This is more than 2 months old.

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