Think about this, Core Hound Mounts

I was thinking about this when i was killing some, and i wonder, is it possible to add Core Hound Mounts into World of warcraft.

PS: i dont know if there is another fourm about this topic.
i see.
You'll want to direct your suggestions at a blizzard developer. As far as i'm aware, developers don't frequent realm forums.
Most suggestions are posted in the General Discussion forum, but be warned you will probably be trolled and your suggestion will most likely fall off the first page and into oblivion within a few minutes of creation.

Having said that, good luck!
In most cases for suggestions without deap thought and reason, you're gonna get given a lot of baloney about lore and that it doesn't fit in.
It wound of made a little more since in bc, by the way, were core hounds introduced in bc? i know little about lore.
According to Wowwiki core hounds serve Ragnaros so if you were to update before Cata then you might have had a shot but now they need to somehow connnect it to Ragnaros and thats a little lore problem
if you were to somehow connect it to him and find a way that it could be inserted to a new Pandaria patch thats your chance to actually make it work
Easy, with the addition in 5.1 to pets to the old raids, they could add more mounts too.
Request denied.
You called it 2 years ago!
Took awhile, but you definitely called it man!

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