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Same here, just sits on loading.
HTC Droid incredible 2 on 3G
Same here.. On and off for a week now. Iphone 4.
I'll go ahead and add my name here. Haven't been able to log in for a week now. iPhone 4s, have tried from both WiFi and 4G, nothing works.
Same here cant login the Guild chat for almost a week. Galaxy Nexus on JellyBean: Chat Connection error: unable to establish connection to the server.

Guild: QC Raiders
Server: Arthas
Having same issue with iPhone 4 updated os. Says unable to establish connection when logging in. Anyone figure out a fix for this yet?
im having the same problem
I have had the same issue....tried removing the app and re-installing it and even tried another phone and still didnt work
I can do everything except connect to chat on this paladin. Different realms and different guilds on this server work, but not this character. Been days now. Iphone 4s and iphone 5, same issue.

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