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Thrall isn't Warchief. He goes off and lives in Durotar working as a teacher. We don't hear from him for a good long while, if ever.

The "Warchief" Position is suspended and the members of the Horde work on rebuilding and readjusting their culture to stop repeating this stupid aggressive regression. Particularly the Orcs, which are run by a mix of Shaman and older Warriors like Warlord Krogg. The Blackrock clan members are sent to work in the empty fortresses of Northrend under the watchful eyes of Saurfang, Eitrigg and Ariok, the dragonmaw go along with them to tame protodrakes and release the Magnataur the Horde had captured.

Most of the various Horde ogres are led by Rexxar back to Outland, though a few remain behind on Azeroth. Once there they settle around Hellfire, Blades Edge and Nagrand, relieving a lot of the Horde Forces there, and allowing Nazgrel to come home.

Vol'jin gets a ton of members of other troll tribes as refugees. Though a lot of trolls still want nothing to do with the Darkspear, they're finally at a healthy population level and in a position of political power. Vol'jin works on building homes for the refugees in various parts of the world and rebuilding troll culture. Primal Torntusk runs the Hinterlands.

Baine realizes all this nonsense could've been avoided if he'd had more of a spine, and dedicates the Tauren to tracking down Magatha and killing her before she gets to Expansion Boss levels of power, while also building up after all the losses from the Cataclysm, Quillboar, and Grimtotem. Dialogue with the Yaungol is opened. Roanoak Icemist is approached by the Nerubians but isn't eager to deal with them. The Forsaken courteously offer to take the diplomacy off his hands.

Sylvanas creates an effective border stretching from the Gilnean Wall, to the Thoradin Wall, and Andorhal, and prepares for the long work of turtling against the Alliance for the foreseeable future. The Forsaken realize they have like, four Val'kyr left and begin researching alternatives. Lady Cozwyn serves as Ambassador to the recovering Nerubian Empire.

Lor'themar realizing the blood elves are not going back to the Alliance after the incidents with Theramoore, Darnassus, and Dalaran, works at integrating in the Horde with a meaningful way so they're not always at the fringes and actually have a degree of leverage without the Forsaken. Aethas thinks Rommath was behind all that Dalaran Darnassus stuff, Rommath thinks Aethas is an idealistic loon that forgets most blood elves don't agree with him. Bloodwatcher works with Halduron and Vol'jin on letting some forest trolls live in the ghostlands.

Gallywix died as the rebel armies advanced on Orgrimmar and has been replaced with Sassy Hardwrench as leader of the Bilgewater Cartel, which begins to rake in cash by using its technology to assist in the demilitarizing of the Horde, and selling off the scrap and excess to the Steamwheedle, to help in the retaking and repair of Undermine.

The Houjin go to work helping the Horde aligned Hozen stay out of trouble on Pandaria, and dismantling the Horde Fortresses to create temples or Horde trading posts in their place. Ji Firepaw visits Orgrimmar to teach orphans.


Varian goes home put Taylor in charge for awhile and spends some quality time with Anduin and relaxes for the first time in like ten years. Kul'Tiras and Stromgarde set up trade with Stormwind and Ironforge to start getting back on their feet. The Westfall inn is put out and the area once again becomes a healthy breadbasket. Archbishop Lazaril purges Duskwood of its corruption and establishes a new abbey at Ravenhill to oversee the cleansing of the area alongside the worgen. Reconstruction on the front gate is finished, and work on the Park Districts ruins is started.

Brann partially fixes Magni with help from Lorewalker Cho after seeing the Mogu tech. He's still stone but he can communicate. Moira isn't happy at first but Magni admits he was a jerk to her when she was younger, and agrees to give the Dark Irons an honest chance. Moira's mollified enough to stop being obstructive and they start working out their issues. Slowly. The Dwarves set up a large meeting for all clans, including the Frostborn, and begin piecing together what they know of the Titans and Old Gods to better pepare for further threats.

The Night elves call out Malfurion on his pacifism and Tyrande agrees with the popular opinion after a talk with Jarod Shadowsong. A newly militant attitude takes hold as the resurgent Sisterhood of Elune starts to push the over-exhausted Druidic forces out of the limelight. Night elven borders along Ashenvale and all through desolace and Feralas are strengthened. The Highborne are given a degree of legitimacy and, while still closely watched by the Wardens, are slowly integrated into Night elf society proper. Shandris starts planning an expedition to free Neptulon from the Naga.

The Gnomes reclaim the upper sections of Gnomeragan but realize the lower levels are too irradiated to inhabit any time soon, and so they open the top of the mountain to allow open air access, and build a series of airborne city sections connected by various mechanical devices. They continue working with the Dwarves to reverse engineer titan tech for the Alliance. Gelbin invents a sort of global 'evil' radar to track old gods and demons.

The draenei mostly work on fortifying Outland, and moving civilians/soldiers back and forth from Outland and azeroth using the Exodar. Velen sends a few contingents to felwood and desolace to help clean the places up. He then establishes a great Cathedral in Icecrown to see to the freeing of the souls there while preparing for battle against the Legion.

Genn sets about fortifying the Gilnean wall and planning assaults on Lordaeron with Stormwinds support, while using Gilnean/worgen colonies around the rest of the world to raise the necessary funds to repair all the damage his country has suffered. Krennan aranas works with minds from the rest of the Alliance to develop a blight counteragent. He and Gelbin are pretty darn close to one. Tess Greymane is visiting Stormwind and hanging out with Anduin. Everyone keeps thinking it's romantic, they don't really see it. Crowley and Lorna argue about the blood curse, Ivar keeps being a jerk until Crowley beats him down.

The Tushui work with the Jinyu and Grummle to repair the Serpents Spine and damaged temples in Pandaria, as well as supplement the Shado Pan and Golden Lotus's numbers. Aysa is getting used to her new legs since the old ones got blown off in the siege. Ji rescued her but things are still pretty icy between them since it's possible he was the one that fired it.
Is this where we post our wish fullfillments or discuss what you post? Just to clarify. I mean your ideas are pretty good and I don't oppose, despite being nervous about it at first but it all seems pretty solid.
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Is this where we post our wish fullfillments or discuss what you post?


I like it.
Gilneas becomes available as a capitol city.

The tensions between the Alliance and Horde are still there, but brought down to a Vanilla/BC era type. No more super-happy-friendship time.

Malfurion and this druids are under much scrutiny for their neutral stance following the war. Tyrande makes him sleep on the couch.

The Draenei... are either praised for finally contributing to the war effort or scored for standing by and being neutral while their 'allies' suffered, depending on whether Blizzard makes the Draenei more Alliance-oriented or not.

All I got for now.
Tyrande makes him sleep on the couch.

Thorm...you made me laugh I approve.

(Pretty much the same as Skytotem's though one or two differences)

The Orc's, recognizing that life in a desert without food or water is foolish, begin to build an irigation network in Durotar to provide both.

Sylvanas seeking additional means to avoid the vision she saw attempts to mend fences between the Forsaken and the rest of the world. If possible at all it would be a very long process.


Stormwind begins training a new Order of the Brotherhood of the Horse to patrol its lands and work to rebuild the confidence of its people. These knights deal with many of the Kingdoms enemies and are eager to work with people who either have already or wish to prove themselves to Stormwind. I think we all know what I want from Stromgarde :).

As a sign of their new cooperation the Three Clans work together to rebuild the Thandol Span, the Loch Modan Dam (couldn't remember the name), and Menethil Harbor.

The Night Elves go through a cultural revolution of sorts with Malfurion Stormrage officially breaking ties with the Cenarian Circle, giving over all of his neutral responsibilities to Cenarius. The majority of the Night Elven Druids return to aid their people without care for neutrality or worrying much about the greater good. Tyrande decides to step down as the leader of the Night Elven people and offers her position to Shandris. Though at first hesitant Shandris helps the Night Elves to restore their forests and make a new future for themselves.

As an expression of gratitude to the Alliance for the aid they were given the Gnomes begin construction on an airship that would be better described as a flying city. Named the Sky'rie, this airship is intended to include the best technologies from all of the Alliances members and to act as a mobile base of operations for any major endevors that may be needed.

The Draenei, in addition to preparing for war with the Legion, work to find a way to reverse what has happened to the Broken. In the process they uncover something else; a means to restore someone who is undead to their original living self. While experimental, not practical, and with no idea how it really happened the Draenei see this a sign that things on Azeroth might be improving.

Gilneas city is restored to the Gilnean people and many of them are returning home. In addition Genn Greymane offers a place in his kingdom to Worgen regardless of nationality. This attracts a great many of them Duskwood who see this as means to start a new life.
Horde: the Horde forms a council, Nazgrim repsents the Orcs, Varina repsents the Trolls, Stormsong repsents the tauren, Galen repsents the undead, Rommath repsents the Sin'dorei and Boss Mida respents the goblins. Pandaren, due to being only a school don't get a voice on the council.
Once Garrosh is dead, Thrall rejects the title of Warchief, despite being the popular choice among the shaman orcs, citing his failour with Hellscream as a reason to not be Warchief. He instead takes to teaching new generations of orcs (Valley of Trials leader). Orgrimmar is rebuilt in a mixture of the old and new style of buildings. Shamanism is restablished as the core feature of the orcs, with most of their powerful warriors dead. Crossroads grows into a trade hub, and becomes more powerful, becoming a city.

Vol'jin unites many troll tribes, such as the Shatterspear, Frostmane and Revantusk, together, taking Stranglethorn Vale and blocking the pass into Duskwood to secure peace from the humans. He is declared Blood Lord Vol'jin by the many troll people, and works on establishing a troll navy power, using Hydromancers to create a fast and powerful fleet, becoming the Horde naval strength. He takes Varina as his mate, and has a child, Sen'jin the Second or somesuch.

Baine grows firmer, seeing that Thrall's misguided judgement lead to the orc's down fall, and has surronded himself with elders, such as Hamuul, Stormsong, Rounka and others, to advise him. Fairwind is reclaimed, Taurajo rebuilt, Majoche built upon to be more secured, Bloodhoof village is firmly held and Narche is made safe with driving out the quilboars.

Under the tauren and Earthen Ring's watch, the goblins work to undo every enviromental damange they caused, such as fixing the poultion in Orgrimmar and Azshara. after this, a shaman is sent to watch over every goblin village while they work to ensure they do not break law. Sassy Hardwrench becomes Trade Princess, and is firmly loyal to the Horde.

Greymane and Thoridan Wall are rebuild and placed under the watch of the Argent Crusade, dividing the Forsaken from the Alliance through Neutral soldiers, paladins to boot. Forsaken are allowed to keep Tirisfal, Silverpine and Hillsbrad, with Andorhal, while they are constantly watched for more plague work by the Crusade. With a sword at their throat, Sylvanas realises that she has lost control of the Lordaeron Horde, which is now in the blood elves' power. The Forsaken begin to grow bodies in vats, and grow their own Forsaken, bypassing all of the undead procreation laws the Argent Crusade placed on them. Leonid stands with Sylvanas to ensure she corperates, which she does.

With the weaken Forsaken, the Sin'dorei becomes the powerhouse of the Horde in Lordaeron. As per agreement with Vol'jin, several regions of Ghostlands is given to Horde forest trolls. Lor'themar Theron has been named Lord and Protector of Quel'Thalas, not Regent Lord, and has divided the lands of Quel'Thalas among barons, making ruling easier. Halduron is still the Ranger-General, Rommath and Aethas bicker all day to Theron's ears, while Liadrin leads the Silvermoon-branch of the Church of Holy Light.

Houjin Pandaren:
Ji Firepaw and his people leave for Pandaria, where they settle in the Horde's old fortresses, tearing them down and rebuilding them. They work with the Forest Hozen to keep trade and peace for Horde convoys that make their way to Pandaria.

Alliance: Varian removes his High King power over the other races, but remains High King of humanity. Rohan is named Archbishop.
Danath Trollbane of Stromgarde, Tandred Proudmoore of Kul Tiras, Jaina Proudmoore of Dalaran, all swear fealty to the High King. Stromgarde is restored, the Kingdom of Stormwind reclaims her land from other forces, while maintaining the blocked pass to Stranglethorn. Dalaran moves to the gap between Dun Moragh and Elwynn, using magic to create more land and settling in there.

Brann, with a good Mogu's help, uses magic to revive Magni, but he is dying, where he confronts Moira, where the two have a long, long talk, Mangi taking the blame for everything that happened because of his unfair treatment. Magni speaks with his brothers, as well as Falstad and Kurdran, where he finally passes into the light with his family around. Moria, with the burning hatred of her father gone, begins to love her people, and slowly is gaining support. Muradin muses that at this rate she will become Queen, and not Queen-Regent.

Gelbin reclaims Gnomeregan, while the lower levels are still radiated, there's enough room for refugees to live in. the nation is restored and Gelbin removes his title of King. He's also relected as High Tinker for another term. The Gnomes work to help restore fallen Alliance lands.

Genn reclaims Gilneas firmly, with the Argent Crusade securing the Wall, and have began rebuilding, combinding druidism with their steampunk tech. Darius is pardoned of crimes, Ivar is wild but kneels to Genn. Lorna is a worgen now, as well as security captain of Gilneas, while Darius is general-commander. Genn, however, passes onwards to the after life, so Tess is named Queen, marrying some Gilnean noble and becoming a fair and firm ruler. She also has a burning hatred of the Forsaken, as well as a distain for the Crusade for protecting them.

Night Elves:
Ashenvale is Night elven again, and with the mainland secured, many Night elven citizens have moved to Nighthaven, while the Cenarion Circle has began moving to Darnassus, away from everyone, where they begin to train a new generation of elf, tauren, troll and worgen druids. Tyrande and Shandris makes it clear that Azshara is Horde land, not Ashenvale, and any lumbering operations will be delt with through the end of an arrow. Jarod Shadowsong are dispatched to deal with the northern parts of noth Kalimdor, while Shandris is left to the southern parts of Northern Kalimdor, while finally Tyrande patrols all of Northern Kalimdor, and is the High Priestess.

The Draenei have come to Azeroth to stay. The Draenei establish Fortress Song in Ashenvale, Fortress Valor in Felwood and Fortress Justice in Decolace to further help their allies. The Aldor have made their way to Azeroth, and have firmly restablished their role as the priests of the Draenei, with chapels in Exodar, as well as several delegants in Stormwind and Darnassus. The Draenei are considered by the Night elves to be their closest ally poltically wise.

Tushui Pandaren:
Aysa and her Pandaren have gone off to Pandaria, where they too have torn down and rebuilt Alliance structures, becoming the Alliance's power on Pandaria. They work closely with the Jinyu to ensure the Alliance's presence in the land, as well as aiding any Alliance convy that makes their way to this new world.
I love all of your suggestions Sky, although, I wouldn't put the Warchief position on hold, and just straight up give it to Vol'jin.

However, I would impliment a new Klaxxi-like organization, The Champions, made out of, well, the multiple Champions of the Horde. Rexxar, Rokhan, Tagar (Finally making his appearance in WoW!), Nathanos Blightcaller, with the additions of Halduron Brightwing and Ji Firepaw (I don't think Ji should be a full fledged leader in the Horde since both the Huojin and Tushui are so few, but I think this position could fit him nicely).
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Aysa is getting used to her new legs since the old ones got blown off in the siege. Ji rescued her but things are still pretty icy between them since it's possible he was the one that fired it.

LIked it all except this, I just can't take this line seriously xD
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LIked it all except this, I just can't take this line seriously xD

Yeah it was kind of a random nod to the idea that joining the Horde would "cost" ji according to that one blue post.
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Yeah it was kind of a random nod to the idea that joining the Horde would "cost" ji according to that one blue post.

I don't think the whole thing should be Ji's fault, per se', else everyone who is a Huojin would look reckless for it. Maybe, like, he takes a half-malfunctioning Goblin cannon and aims it at Grommash Hold, and Aysa, thinking he'll get himself killed by using the thing, tackles him, and as their wrestling they press the fire button. It levels Grommash Hold, but also explodes because their struggle damaged it further.
I would like to the ghostlands restored, silvermoon city 100% rebuilt and a New Convocation ruling over Quel'thalas.

Vol'jin planting the seeds of new Horde friendly Troll Kingdom/Empire would nice too. I'm weary of killing trolls. Let's do some demon slaying.
I'm also of a mind the Revantusk should completely take over Jintha'Alor and turn it into a city for Forest Trolls to refuge, rather than having them go back up towards Zul'Aman and the Ghostlands.
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I'm also of a mind the Revantusk should completely take over Jintha'Alor and turn it into a city for Forest Trolls to refuge, rather than having them go back up towards Zul'Aman and the Ghostlands.

I'm for this.
I like the ideas but I'm going to put it here.


Humans: Varian Wrynn defeats Garrosh in the final battle shedding Goldrinn's blessing feeling he wants to win on his own merits, skill and strength and feels he needs to be an example to his people and the Orcs and lets the Horde do Horde affair, feeling Garrosh is shamed enough. Varian puts a good fight and although losing the upperhand. Varian spares Garrosh and leaves him to the Orcs. Varian and the Alliance ask for their lands that were stolen from the Horde(Ashenvale mostly) and we'll act accordingly despite many feeling the Orcs will be in the same shape again.

Varian renounces High King of the Alliance and just be leader for humanity. Although he doesn't calm down, he tells Anduin how proud he is of him and the bravery and integrity he's shown and notes Mom would be proud of him. Captain Taylor rises to the rank of general and leads Stormwind's armies and will should danger ever arise give the command to Varian if the need arises.

Westfall, Redwood Ridge and Duskwood offically get supported by Stormwind turning into very productive towns and fully guarded becoming small bastions of human power instilling pride in Humanity once again. They pull out of Kalimdor and clean up Theramore leaving it where it is. Jaina Proudmoore and the Kirin'Tor move Dalaran closer to Stormwind and unfortunately kick out all of the Sunreavers despite Aethas' complaints. Jaina's reasoning is Theramore shall not happen every again and suggest they make their own *City of Magic* in Quel'thalas. She also explains The Elves may have helped teach them the Arcane but that doesn't entitle them to abuse Dalaran like a child's toy.

Jaina Proudmoore also talks to Kalecgos and they conclude this relationship while it was fun while it lasted he she feels the Blue Dragonflight should try and get together and live in peace and only get involved in mortal affairs should the world be threatened. They part ways happily. Unfortunately Jaina and Thrall's friendship is near destruction, Jaina reasons it is Thrall's fault and should of done more to stop Garrosh. They both believe they should part ways and Thrall tells her he hopes the next time they meet...it won't be so..heated.

Dwarves: With the help of Mogu Technology they try and bring Magni back but Magni refuses. Muradin feels...somewhat sad not ever seeing his brother again. Moira is enraged that her father won't come and feels more justified that she's right and he's wrong. However Magni apologies for being a bad father but he feels he should protect the Earth and not return..just yet. He wants to give the Dark Iron's a chance, Moira is now no longer angry at her father and starts to remember what Varian told her earlier and is thankful he told her.

The Dwarves reinforce Ironforge and help humans retake Arathi Highlands and Stromgarde becomes another bastion for the Alliance but fear of the Forsaken advance. Thankfully Trollbane arrives and advises them to reinforce our strongholds and should they arrive with Plague and whatever the Forsaken have they will make sure the Crusade and Ebon Blade know.

Gnomes: Gnomeregan gets recovered and becomes a capital city. That's it(I can't take gnomes seriously)

Night Elves Tyrande reinforces Ashenvale with her evergrowing Sentinel Army. Ashenvale is full Alliance Territory but makes it clear advancement into Azshara is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and any resource collection shall be dealt with swift consequences. Malfurion learning of the events in Ashenvale, and Pandaria feels ashamed of himself for ignoring everything that has been going on. He tries to get the Cenarion Circle to come back home. Some disagree and Malfurion disagrees and in anger comes home and makes a public apology to his people and Tyrande saying how uncaring he has been and hopes they can forgive them and until he feels he has repaid the debt to Night Elf Society he lets Tyrande lead the Night Elven people and let's her have authority. Tyrande agrees and lets him know they need to talk about *things*.

Shandriss is ordered and as a favor by Tyrande incase they are missing to lead the Night Elves and the Sentinel army. Tyrande also asks her to find and or research solutions to fix Felwood because the forests need healing and once fully healed needs to have a home for more Night Elves and Alliance that wish to move there. Due to the big changes in Night Elf society the Cenarion Circle departs back to Darnassus and go and help fix Felwood and surprisingly with the help of Draenei. They're reluctant they add they stayed back far too long and want to help Azeroth become a paradise and prosper.

The Highborne take back Elder'thalas and turn it into another *Darnassus of sorts* with the Wardens as guards and the Highborne can safely use magic but at a reasonable level. The Priesthood of Elune become more active and Tyrande leads it, they inspire their people. That night the sky above Darnassus glows a hue of blue as if the Moon Goddess herself smiles that her people are changing and for the better becoming more prosperous and while not immortal Elune is pleased(I'd go more but not sure if it's too much so ask if you want to know more)

Draenei: The Exodar is fully repaired and although it can go places the Draenei learn about Pandaria and how the Alliance stood firm and refused to bend. Inspired they declare Azeroth is their home and should the Legion come they will defend it until their last breath. Velen decides to come out more often to inspire his people feeling they have to look up to someone instead of wondering what the future holds. Velen advises while the future is important the present is also just as important and living in the present is most wise. The Draenei make a very strong bastion in Ashenvale called Virtuous, Justice Keep where the park in Stormwind stayed and thanks to all the races contributions Stormwind is fully repaired but mostly because the Draenei offered the Alliance support.

Worgen: Genn Greymane feeling suspicious about Varian sparing Garrosh and the Orcs but felt there were bigger fish to fry. He advised the Worgen and any gilnean to help reclaim Gilneas and rebuild the Wall blocking off the Forsaken kicking them out and Gilneas the city is not a capital city but a very fortifed town like Theramore. Genn stays in Gilneas city and with his wife live happily for now, Ivar Bloodfang refusing to submit to the Forsaken does more guarella tactics against the Forsaken despite constant advisement against this. Crowley and her daughter help fortify Gilneas and help the Alliance retake Stormgarde

Alliance Pandaren: Aysa Cloudsinger and her Pandaren return to Pandaria and become Alliance representatives and hinder Alliance activity but only to keep the Pandaren people safe.


Thrall: Thrall is offered the rank of Warchief but as much as he wants to denies the role. He feels it would shame the Horde and himself by doing so. He feels someone else will take that role. Despite many disagreements Thrall is firm, he isn't the Warchief anymore but feels he needs to temper the Horde's attitudes and make sure shamanism is alive once again but does not disencourge warriors as warriors will be needed when the time is right. Thrall becomes High Shaman of the Horde.

Orcs: Thrall essentially becomes the Orc's spiritual leader but not the sole leader. All the Orcs come back to Orgrimmar and decide living in a desert is rough but it needs water so they find a way to prosper in the desert via an irrigation system or another alternative. The Orcs shocked at what the Hellscream's legacy has done are ashamed and feel they haven't advanced until one voice a troll voice told them the cold hard truth, they needed to change...and within time...they would. Nazgrim became the general of the Horde's orcish forces with three to four other generals of the Horde acting as a council of War reasoning should the Horde ever fall in Darkness the *Insert Orcish word* Council will make sure things are settled. Having learned of the Klaxxi they feel this would be best for the Horde. Varok Saurfang after seeing all this accepts it and passes away to be with his ancestors.

Trolls: Vol'Jin as promised is the one to end Garrosh Hellscream's as he was about to assassinate Thrall thinking Garrosh would change. Thrall abdicates and lets Vol'Jin become Warchief of the Horde. Vol'Jin accepts it but demands Thrall stay in the Horde. Vol'Jin takes Gorehowl and gives it to Varian and tells him take it as a token of victory for a new era. Varian takes it and tells the Horde and Thrall essentially "You f with us...we'll come back Hard." The Alliance leaves Orgrimmar. Vol'Jin declares all races of the Horde are welcome in Orgrimmar again and no longer will their children be forced to work. Orgrimmar will have a place for all races of the Horde. Echo Isles is fortified into a bastion of power.

Vol'Jin also with the help of the Horde turn Crossroads into a big city half the size of Orgrimmar and help make sure the Barrens is a safe place and hospitable to live in. Vol'Jin lastly declares any use of demons is forbidded and thus either executed for advertising it and or publically doing so exiled from the Horde. Vol'Jin nominates Rokhan as the Troll representative as the Troll represenative for the Horde War Council. He also declares any Troll who wishes to life a peaceful life must abandon the bloodthirsty ways of xenophobia and join him and return the Trolls back to their former glory under the Horde banner. Many that were left agree...others...refuse.

Tauren: Baine somewhat humbled by Vol'jin's taking of the Warchief pledges himself to him. Baine returns home to Mulgore and declares any more Grimtotem that wish to surrender may so. Baine goes on a literal witch hunt for Magatha for interfering with Horde affairs and being a constant thorn in his side. The Quillboar despite the donation of water still refuse to make peace but the might of the Tauren and the Horde push the Quillboar back. The quillboar now defeated once again Mulgore is safe. Baine also decides to upgrade their homes to be more protected. Baine visits his father's grave one last time and says goodbye and vows to make sure this doesn't happen and another Garrosh isn't created. As per the request for the Horde War Council Baine sends Stormsong as the Tauren representative

Forsaken: With a new and more wise Warchief placed Sylvanas already afraid pulls back the Forsaken advance and fortifies Lordaeron. Unfortunately the Argent Crusade is high on her tail and unfortunately the Val'kyr don't agree with this and try to twist Sylvanas's arm but the Crusade puts the Val'kyr down and warns Sylvanas if she raises anyone into Undeath ever again...the Undercity will be reduced to ash. Sylvanas in fear of her life retreats to the Undercity and impatiently demands research to make sure the Forsaken live on and find a way to either procreate and find a way to replenlish their forces. Whatever that answer was, Sylvanas was getting more anxious. To avoid any more Alliance battles she backs off from Arathi Highlands and blockades the Thoradin Wall leaving the humans to take Arathi Highlands.

Secretly Sylvanas finds a way to get rid of her own Undeath no matter how hopeless it seems. Garrosh's death taught her a lesson. Sylvanas sends Lady Cozyyn as the Forsaken represenative in the Horde War Council.

Blood Elves: Despite being kicked out of Dalaran Aethas desperately tries to get back but is confronted by Rommath that he is the reason for Theramore and the Sha attack on Darnassus. Lor'themar learns of this and is appalled at the treachery but Rommath reasons that it was justified because of what Garithos did and such the Alliance deserved it and calling Aethas an idealistic fool. Aethas angered tried attack Rommath but Lor'themar tells them enough is enough. Rommath spits in front of Lor'themar saying how weak and pathetic he is. He says he should of joined Kael'thas but felt it was better not to. Rommath even admits that the Mana Bomb was his doing and told Garrosh to do it and screw with Dalaran's neutrality because they deserved it because they did nothing to Garithos.

With Rommath's treachery revealed he tries to attack the two but a swift arrow penetrates Rommath's skin and Farstrider Halduron slays Rommath saying that is the last Blood Elf spilt in this aftermath. Lor'Themar petitions Aethas to create their own academy of magic to match Dalaran but not make the mistakes of Sunstrider Isle. Halduron and Aethas approve and thus it was done. Lor'themar renames himself Guardian of Quel'thalas instead of Regent. Halduron is sent as the Blood Elf representative for the Horde War Council.

Goblins: With all the gold they made in the war effort, Vol'Jin declares the gold would be used to refurbish the Horde's capital cities and of course orders them to stop the pollution and teach the Goblins to use the lumber in moderation then the disgrace in *Ashenvale*. With this Silvermoon City, Orgrimmar and even Thunder Bluff become the most fortified cities and Horde bastions of power.

The Goblin Leader dies in the Siege of Orgrimmar and the Trade Princess I can't remember leads the Goblins.

Horde Pandaren: Ji Firepaw returns to Pandaria and finds Aysa there...but does nothing. He jokingly thinks that he has a thing for her but laughs at how silly that is. He makes sure all the damage the Horde did in Pandaria is done but the Pandaren are distrustful. Ji Firepaw currently works to earn their trust back. Weather that happens is anyone's guess.

Anything else....the world is at a status quo but Wrathion and even Anduin knows it won't be for long. Even the hiding warlocks know what's coming. Azeroth's darkest hour was coming but even in the darkness a small light shines.
The Alliance

Stormwind reestablishes the Brotherhood of the Horse.

The park is remade into a hanging gardens type of place.

The Scarlet Crusade officially disbands, members who have come to the realization of their past wrongs form the Order of the Scarlet Hand. An order built upon the original tenets the Scarlet Crusade was built upon. The return of Turalyon, or the emergence of Arator, causes many to break away from the Argent Crusade to reform the Order of the Silver Hand. A final order rises (An order for each paladin spec) and together these three orders of paladins reclaim Stratholme and turn it into a bastion of the Light. Statholme is now the paladin version of the monks' Kun'lai Summit monastery.

Stromgarde is reclaimed, Thoradin Wall repaired and manned.

Tensions between the three dwarf clans go out of control. A massive fight breaks out in Lock Modan. The spirit of Magni takes control of one of the giant stone statues and ends the violence. He makes peace with his daughter enough for her to back off. To commemorate this even the three tribes go on to repair the dam and rename it after Magni, Magni's Bulwark or something like that. They begin repairs on the Thandol Span as well.

Several Night Elven druids within the Cenarion Circle become disenfranchised with Malfurions leadership. Certain powerful members break off, taking many Night Elves with them to reform the Druids of the Claw and Druids of the Talon. As his popularity continues to wane, Malfurion leaves the Circle, passing leadership to Remulos. Remulos makes a place for all druids in Moonglade, trying to bridge the gap between those who left the Circle and those who remained.

Malfurion has not only lost popularity amongst the druids, but also the average Night Elf. This causes a shift in ideology away from the rampant druidism and back to the Priesthood of Elune. The Highborne also take advantage of this and build up their place in society. Tyrande becomes the central leader Night Elves look up to rather than both herself and Malfurion.

I like Sky's idea for the gnomes.

Gilneas is reclaimed, the wall rebuild and made stronger than ever.

Kul Tiras makes a return, forming an agreement with Genn to povide protection along the coast while Gilneas provides supplies to build up the Kul Tiran fleet and rebuild the kingdom.

With the war over, Dalaran returns to the crater. The dome is placed back around the city, with admittance carefully observed. Dalaran becomes the mage version of the monks' Kun'lai Summit monastery for the Alliance. Alliance can still go, they just got to talk to a guy to be admitted.

A group of draenei are discovered. The original leader of this gorup had similar thought to Velens at the time Sargeras made his proposition. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for them to get to him before the naaru saved Velen's draenei. This other group was forced to function underground for a time, until they could steal away on a Legion Vessel. They've been searching for Velen for 25,000 years and have made several pit stops along the way to attain additional supplies and more ships as populations threatened to expand beyond what could be fit in the lone vessel. This group is a group who had been forced to do things Velen's draenei did not have to do, because of that, this group is more lenient toward warlocks, although their practice is still frowned upon. Velen accepts them, faults and all, and the story revolves around the hardships of bringing in a group thousands of years removed whose ideologies, while similar, don't exactly mesh perfectly.

I have ideas for the Horde but I have a feeling this post is going to be huge so I'll leave it at this for now.
Sorry for this late reply but I needed some serious brainstorming and a whole lot of sleep.



This one's a bit difficult for me to go on about because you've largely covered what I would like to see but I'd also like to see the Horde try to gain more knowledge on Mogu magic, I think the Forsaken should especially be the most interested in it because of its shadowy nature.

I think the Earthen Ring should become more of a Horde faction and help temper their aggressiveness as well. Not really portray it as "Only the shaman are right" but to finally give the Horde its shamanistic theme back since it's kinda been absent for a long time.

The whole Warchief business is rather sticky, so I have not had much interest in discussing it that much but suffice to say I think a Warchief in some manner should still exist. Maybe redefine it in a more benevolent way.

I guess it's no surprise I have more solid ideas for the Alliance, but they've already been pretty well established by others. I'll simply go about what I'd like to see in order to expand on others' ideas.

Humans: Following Dalaran's rejoining of the Alliance, members of the Argent Crusade rejoin them as well. So much so that the AC has become a lot smaller than it once was and now merely serves the purpose of training Paladins. The Order of the Silver Hand is established along with the Brotherhood of the Horse to act as Stormwind's primary protective forces. Stromgarde and Kul Tiras gets back on its feet with help from Genn and Varian. Danath Trollbane returns and establishes a "round table"-esque meeting with members of other kingdoms, notably Jaina, Genn, and Varian. These meetings are held to discuss the issues surrounding the Eastern Kingdoms and how to quell back any threats to their safety.

Night Elves: Realizing that the Kaldorei were lacking in Druidic support against a local threat, namely the Horde, Broll Bearmantle decides to reestablish the Druids of the Claw as a protective force in places such as Darnassus, Ashenvale, and Feralas. They serve the Night Elves as strong shock troopers, and both Night Elves and Worgen can become members of this sect. What's more, Shandris works along side Broll with her Sentinel army and there is a newfound brother/sisterhood between the Druids and Sentinels like never seen before. Malfurion takes a hiatus to spend some time with Tyrande, leaving Broll to continue being an important figure for the Druids while Cenarius or Remulos lead the more neutral Druids.

Worgen: Having been lost for a long time since Gilneas became invaded, Isiden Perenolde returns and seeks refuge in Stormwind. There he meets Genn, and is set up as a powerful political figure for Gilneas. While Alterac is long forgotten, Isiden turns his attention to becoming more influential for the Gilneans should Genn ever need another heir to the throne along with Tessa Greymane. Meanwhile, Ivar and Crowley have a massive argument over how their war against the Forsaken have turned out. Surprisingly, Lorna takes Ivar's side, seeing as how she feels as if her father doesn't trust her to control the Worgen curse. In secrecy, Ivar offers Lorna the blood and she agrees to become a Worgen. While this mortifies Crowley, he is forced to slowly accept that the Worgen curse is what Gilneas needs against their new enemies

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