Fun use of Wild charge (travel form)

Hi all,

Don't know if this fact is known, but Wild charge (travel form) can be used to eliminate falling damage.

Thunderstorm/glyphed explosive trap/typhoon/carrion swarmed off LM? Not to fear. Just shift to travel form, use wild charge when approximately 50y over the ground, and you float to the ground, light as a feather.

Discovered this world pvping in Valley of the four winds.

This seems to do a position and range check when you use the skill. I've tried falling forward from a height in travel form and spamming the wild charge key. The skill starts to work at about 50y above the ground. It seems to take a snapshot of where you currently are, plot a landing point 20y in front of that location on the ground far down below, and drops you in a gentle arcing loop. Since I'm traveling forward I often find myself bounding backwards.

You can change form while floating to the ground. However, you won't be able to move until you land.

Of course, you can always cat/bear charge back to the idiot who blew you off, but this would work if your reaction time sucks or you're resto. Or balance.

Hope that helped.
Yeah this works for the goblin rocket jump too, not sure if it works for blink or even displacer beast, pretty sure it doesn't work for roll though. Also travel form's wc will let you jump up some slopes you couldn't possibly run up. It's also pretty fun to see your reindeer leap up an entire flight of stairs.
Blink + Displacer Beast work. So does headbutt, but it's harder to pull off because of the short range.
you're just now figuring this out?
11/18/2012 10:37 PMPosted by Bobmauly
you're just now figuring this out?

These are the druid forums. Don't hate.
I assumed that it would work at lower elevations like 20 yards or so.

I found it surprising that travel form charge would work from as far as 50 yards up.
11/18/2012 10:55 PMPosted by Voodookin
you're just now figuring this out?

These are the druid forums. Don't hate.

I'm glad to hear of this. I've known for a while you can do the same thing with Blink and Disengage but never thought of doing it with WC. +1 from me, good sir. :)

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