Well done Snutz, Kollektiv and Venruki!

11/18/2012 04:53 PMPosted by Grumlunar
Would you watch a football game with the same players on both sides and pretend it was fun and enjoyable to watch? If so you lack the interest to argue with.

Your ignorance is pretty amusing and your comparisons for WoW and football are incorrect. You're asking if there was the same players on both teams, ask yourself if Snutz was on more than one team.

Arena team -> Football team
Arena classes -> Player position
Arena player -> Football player
Too bad, I was hoping to see Snutz cry again this year rofl


Indeed. Congratulations to the whole team!

Go to bed Zarhym

You're drunk
Now they come home and do arena sells once more. Just like Zunniyaki, who even uses his AJ profile to let us all know he breaks the rules.

And Blizzard doesn't care. Just invites them to tournaments. <3
So i assume the frost mage and demo lock nerfs are forthcoming? :>
the best DK in the game had to switch to mage to make the matches last longer then a couple minutes.

grats to all 3!! Venruki is the worlds greatest mage! great job!
Woot grats to you guys! Great job! :)
Poor Cara....He tired soooo hard. You know how hard it is to wip out your shield and shield wall perfectly everytime Demo spams I-Win Macro?

Cara could have won just as easily if it wasn't for OP frost mage CC and burst.
what a joke balance

all heals are shamans
lol demo lock, prop to the destro team but they lost due to retarded damage rule

It is dumb that the final was decided by overall damage (which Demo Warlocks and Wizard Cleaves in general are predisposed to do more of.)

Most pets=most damage lolol
Congrats to the team! I appreciate it.

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