Hunter's Mark sniping

ok guys here's probably the way to incorporate this idea into the game, but before i dive right into it let me give you a hint of how it works, it has a resemblance to the Dwarf's storyline for those who played throught the Jade Forest quests as Alliance, the quest is the one where you play as the Dwarf and encounter tigers trying to kill you while the story plays out, and your only sorce of defence is the Sniper perched on a statue who you have to select the target for, in order for her to know who you need taken out. now if you can picture that senario you will be able to better understand my idea.

now ill start
Hunter's mark will allow you to cast Aimed Shots against targets at any range, HOLD ON!! don't label me insane yet...

this can only happen if there is an ally within 40 yards of the target, and it will cast with a 50% increased cast time, if you are beyond the standard 40 yards max range. so like with the Dwarf's story , you'll have to have some one near the target to give you the shot. except in this situation the sniper being you gets to mark his own target, but i could imagine your team down at the scene calling the shots over skype like the Dwarf.

now let me tell you the good part. for every ally that is within 40 yards of your Hunter's Mark, you gain a spotter buff, and this buff aside from allowing you to shoot from further at the slower 50%+ speed it'll increase your Aimed Shot's critical strike damage by 40% against the Hunter's Mark target. and simultaniously reduces the cast time of your Aimed Shot by 12%, but it stacks up to 4 times. i hope you can see where im going with this, "the spotters aid you in finding a target. the more confimed spotters on your target, the easier it is made for you to make your kill."

but if you are within the fray, or within 55 yards, then the spotters won't benefit your sniping as much, this means you wont recieve the full potencial of the spotter buff. you'll still get the range at the aproptiate speed the spotters provide, but you wont recieve the extra damage, and the spotter buff should change in some way to indicate this.

now here's how i try to put the lid on this, critical strikes with Aimed shot while under the spotter buff causes the duration of HM to reduced by 10 seconds while non crits reduce it by 5 seconds, and crits also induce a 25 second CD on Hunter's Mark. and this could be fiddled with to prevent hunter's mark from lasting longer than it should to prevent too many Aimed Shots.

so here's a recap of the mechanic
  • allys around your Hunter's mark proc the spotter buff, which allows you to shoot HM targets beyond 40 yards at an increased 50% cast time but every spotter also helps you shoot slightly faster and increases the crit damage of Aimed Shot by 40%. spotter stacks upto 4 times by then the speed would be normalized.
  • if you are within 40 yards you dont get the buff
  • if you are beyond 40 yards but within 55 yards you are able to gain the buff, but you only benefit from extra range.
  • if you are beyond 55 yards you benefit entirely from the buff.
  • landing a crit while spotter is active reduces the Duration of Hunter's Mark by 10 secs, while non crits reduce it by 5 secs and crits also trigger a 25 sec CD on HM.

  • so let known your thoughts on this one.
    Definitely creative. however, blizzard needs to learn to crawl before they walk. implementing something of this magnitude is simply not in blizzards realm of skill of finesse. Hell, blizzard can barely implement elementary mechanics without half breaking the game, or even balance the game as is. This game is going to hell in a hand basket fast.
    This would be ridiculously overpowered, think about it. Aimed shot is already a guaranteed crit at people around full hp, so all someone would have to do is stand out of range, have a melee rush in, then aimed shot-one shot at 160% increased critical strike damage increase, thats over double the normal damage. They would have to gank the damage of aimed shot first, in addition to taking away guaranteed crit. Its a very cool mechanic idea, don't get me wrong, but it just wouldn't work even if blizz could implement it.
    im glad you guys can appreciate something like this too. and im not expecting blizzard to make this any time soon either, but this is part of my wish list. and im hoping that at the rate this game is developing they can soon enough make this move or something better than this once they figure out the details.

    and another thing although the concern is about this being a strong burst you'll probably only have enough time for 2 crits per attempt, the first being guaranteed only if the enemy has more than enough HP to brace it, while shots at any other point rely entirely on your own chance to crit them.

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