Resto PvP Spell Priority?

I haven't been able to find any resto druid PvP information. What is the resto druid's spell priority? As in HoTs to put up first and fillers.

Any direction to Resto Guides would be great too.
I usually keep up rejuv AT ALL TIMES (sometimes even spam it if I'm not capable of casting due to the instant heal) lifebloom up as secondary and I always use regrowth(with the glyph) if I need to support them a little more. Usually able to keep myself and my whole team alive unless someone decides to get smart and chain-cc me o.O
Thank you! I appreciate the help
3 stack lifebloom top priority. Glyph it for target swapping. next, rejuv. That's about it. Save swiftmend for burst healing. i don't use wild growth tbh.

Free gcds should be spent on cc
I'm not sure if you're referring to arenas or BGs, but I can give you some general tips that I use.

One thing I like to do in arena, is stay hidden until someone in my party is dropping fast. I pop Nature's Swiftness and then Healing Touch, then Rejuvenation on them, and immediately Displacer Beast back into hiding. If I feel like someone is going to come at me I pop Dash right after. It really does work most of the time and this can buy you some more time in hiding, which you can then use to pounce or get a free cyclone off.

You should have an 'Oh Shid' button with Tree of Life, Nature's Vigil, any Trinket you use, and if you're an Alchemist, the Haste cooldown. Use this if you're getting wrecked by numerous people, and death is otherwise inevitable. Also, you're stunned and you're either waiting for it to run out or you're going to pop your CC trinket, pop Barkskin first(can be used while stunned). You can immediately start spamming Regrowths on yourself. After you can get a global off other than Regrowth without dying, pop Ironbark. You should be able to survive a serious shidstorm.

IMO, Glyphs should be Blooming, Lifebloom, and Barksin. Regrowth is another popular option, since it guarantees a crit, but it takes away the HoT, and Regrowth is like an 80% chance for me to crit anyway.

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