Moonkin/Resto hybrid

I am curently working on a moonkin/Resto hybrid that will be functional, but not necessarily top-notch for both specs with similar gear (I'm swapping out only trinkets). This is mainly for fun.

My current priorities are as follows, and I would love feedback since this is hard for me to figure out!

- Haste to the resto breakpoint since I don't have t14 4-pc and the moonkin breakpoints are too high for me to reach at the moment
- Spirit to the Hit cap
- reforge to crit after that

I know, resto likes mastery, but crit isn't HORRIBLE everyone just hates it as heals because it's unpredictable. But I found my moonkin rotation stacking mastery to be absolutely miserable.

For talents, I'm sticking with SotF and Nature's Vigil. I might go for HotW since I hate cooldowns and prefer passives especially as heals. the SotF is a personal choice for the resto component but it's pretty necessary for the moonkin one or else my DoTs drop way before I hit the next eclipse.

Again these are preliminary ideas if anyone wants to give me feedback I would love it, thanks :)
Yeah ignore my gemming I haven't fixed the gems yet. I am trying to decide between gemming pure secondaries to hit the next cap (5273) or just going for throughput (crit/int).

Right now I was trying to get to a good point where I was easily getting to each eclipse (either through starsurge procs or haste) without my DoTs dropping. In my rotation right now I'm panicking to get to the next one and sometimes I have to refresh the DoTs anyways. I guess haste is more reliable so maybe I can go for that.

So maybe I'll try getting that boomkin haste breakpoint and see what happens from there. Maybe that much haste will make for awesome Wild Growths and Swiftmends as well :)

EDIT: ok so I gemmed for haste and reforged for that breakpoint. I reforged all excess spirit after the hitcap to crit, and mastery to crit on the rest. I also switched to HotW since increasing your base intellect will increase your crit, too. I also hate CDs; prefer passives :P
Those changes bumped my dps 3k to a solid 48k on a 6min trial on a dummy. I also find the rotation much more fluid now and that extra tick on my DoTs created a lot more starsurge procs! Less buttons to press is always nice as well, so it doesn't interrupt my casting.
Your biggest problem is going to be spirit. Keeping your spirit level at the moonkin hitcap is really going to gimp you when you go resto. It sounds like your mainspec is moonkin. Just gear for that as best you can. Better to have one strong gearset and one weak one than to have two weak ones.

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