[A]<Honor> 4/610-man is recruiting for 25-man

<Honor> is a 10/25-man raiding guild on the US-PvE realm Turalyon (EST server).

Website: http://www.honortheguild.com

10-man Progression
Moga'shan: 4/6

25-man Progression
Dragon Soul: 8/8 Normal 2/6 Heroic
Firelands: 7/7 Normal 3/7 Heroic

We are looking for dedicated players that show up on time and want to raid or PvP. <Honor> is one of the very few Alliance guilds that has consistently run 25-man content since its founding in 2008. Many of our guild members have been together since Burning Crusade. We welcome any 10-man group that would like to enjoy our Level 25 Guild perks and experience end game content. Come join our laid-back guild comprised of mostly college-aged and working professionals - we dislike drama and want to have fun.

Our recruiting needs vary from time to time. Website home page has our current needs. We are looking for exceptional players to help us progress.

Raiding Information

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10:00pm to 1AM (EST server). Optional raids and/or PvP runs occur Friday through Monday but are not mandatory. We use a DKP system for progression raids. PLEASE NOTE: For MoP we will be clearing DKP for all members so everyone starts with the same chance to win gear. To date, in MoP, we have been using open rolls for 10-man raids.

If you have any questions message Kaben (Kabenrah, KabÆn), Ryuhymn (Ryn, Glyssa), Gaden, Dracacia in game. Please include contact info if you are from a different server and would like to speak with us (i.e. date, time, and vent info). We welcome server transfers.

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