The still-no-tier-gear yet Druid club

Seriously, how are people getting these pieces??
no luck yet for me either.

we have not started HoF due to some recent roster issues. looking to fill "that 1 dps" spot you know. ;p
but I have been a good girl and at least running lfr and using coins on the token bosses. not so friendly returns yet on them but I'm hoping for better luck this week.
I've gotten 3 tier legs from Sha :P

First time I killed him, they dropped. I used my coin, because it was the first raid boss I killed and I didn't fully understand the deal with them, and got the pants again! Two weeks later they dropped again. Otherwise, gotten nothing but gold.

Meanwhile, our mage who always gets every single piece of loot he needs the first or second time has gotten his two piece a couple times over.
11/19/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Eluial
I've gotten 3 tier legs from Sha :P

You have been removed from the group.

...and sent to the my-luck-only-goes-so-far Druid club.
I got the Eternal Blossom Legguards from Sha, but I'll probably end up sharding them. Would've preferred something more Malevolent :-|
In my raid we have seen only 1 single vanq token. With 15 vanq's in the raid its going to be a long tier...
Many things have been happening lately that is causing my raid not to be able to raid, like people not showing up or ninja logging an hour through raid. It also doesn't help that the raid group was reformed when HoF came out with fresh 90s (except for like 3 people), so between that and not having enough people, who knows when I will see tier because we can't even get anything done.

Onto Sha, though... I haven't seen a single drop from him on my druid. Though, my monk has gotten tier gloves for windwalker and tier pants for mistweaver. My disc priest has gotten tier gloves. I cried for days.
Wowww... It's even worst than I thought. You have killed WAY more bosses WAY more times than my team has, Tinderhoof.
11/19/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Eluial
I've gotten 3 tier legs from Sha :P

Are you my other boomkin friend? She's gotten 3 sets as well. Lucky. Her. Meanwhile, last on the list for tier here. :(
I would be glad if Sha just gave me some kinda piece of gear! At least just so that he acknowledges my existence!! :(
You just need to have a Moonkin Hatchling out during the kill :D. I have done this and it has brought multiple toons luck with Sha.
Always wanted a Moonkin Hatchling. Now I have a reason to get one.

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