[H] <Versus The World> seeking a couple DPS

I like to live by the rule of simplicity, so I'll keep this short and too the point...

We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs/Mon from 8-11pm PST (server time). We're currently in urgent need of a couple skilled well qualified DPS for our main 10 man group. Open to most classes/specs, especially mage, warlock, hunter, rogue, spriest, and rpaly.

What is expected: Must know your class/spec inside and out, and will bring the big deeps. Must have a mic/headphones. Must be able to make most if not all raids. Must be ready to start in HoF (470+ or better, fully gemmed/enchanted, 2 beneficial professions). Must be punctual, we like to start on time. Must like kittens.

What do you get in return? Currently we're 6/16, and we provide a low stress fun raiding environment that is focused and ready to progress. We also provide flask, and soon repairs (as our gbank is built up). If you're exceptional and do great, I'll even throw in some high fives or stroke your epeen. Oh and did I mention loot? Please don't make us disenchant anymore gear no one can't use :(

or contact Genesis or Sindelle ingame, or via battletag @ Pixelbat#1102
Must like kittens.

Back when i was knee high to a grass hopper and barely of age to understand the language known as "English". There was a rather enormous and very chubby cat that used to get into my house and drink the water from my toilet. ever since i have absolutely hated cats.
I like kittens, do you like chickens?


This clip makes me happy :D

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