<Midian Gaming> 2/16H + 14/16N LFM DPS 480+

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Midian Gaming> is a 10-man Oceanic PVE progression guild on US-Thaurissan. We're a relatively new guild formed midway into T14. Our core raiders have come from previous successful high-end guilds and have been raiding since Vanilla / Burning Crusade.

Current Recruitment

- 1x Melee DPS (Any class)

Current Progression

MSV 2/6 Heroic
HoF 5/6 Normal
ToES 3/4 Normal

Raid Days (SVT GMT+10)

- Wed: 8pm-12am SVT (Mandatory)
- Thu: 8pm-12am SVT (Mandatory)
- Sun: 8pm-12am SVT (Mandatory)
- Mon: 8pm-12am SVT (Mandatory)

Our expectations

- Research & understand fight mechanics.
- Appropriately geared, gemmed, enchanted and reforged character.
- Have excellent understanding of your class.
- Ability to think quickly and adapt to unexpected events.
- Minimum raid attendance of 80%.

What we offer you

- Gear Enchants / Gem Upgrades.
- Guild repairs for raids.
- Raid food of 250/275. 300 BYO.
- Fun & social environment.
- Hardcore attitude for progression.

Applying to Midian Gaming

We do not require any special application for you to join our team, we feel that this is a waste of time for both parties. All that we ask is you provide us with your most recent logs (at least 3) of any attempts or kills in raid (LFR not included) and ensure your character is logged out on armory with your regular raid gear and spec.

Our officers have been running and raiding with very successful progression guilds since vanilla and have a well rounded knowledge of all classes and specs. Based on your logs, spec and gear we will be able to assess whether or not you would be suitable for our team.

Contact Us

You can speak with any of the following officers:

- Xterminatz#6691
- Stormcrazed
- Shankerz

Alternatively you can reply to this thread or visit our forums at http://www.midiangaming.com
4/6 HoF*

Good point :D

4/6 nao!
A core raid spot has opened for an exceptional healer & ranged dps.
Bump this !@#$!
Sholka come raid with us we need good heals
Yeh mate, I'm gunna xfer this weekend
Healer spot filled.

Still looking for an exceptional Ranged DPS!
Great time for a Ranged DPS to get into the guild and continue progression with us!
Need reliable players. Tank spot is now open.
Holycow its batman!

We have a core raid spot available Healer or Ranged/Melee DPS.

Contact me if you're keen!
Healer + DPS spot filled.

Tank spot now open.
An immediate spot in our core raid has opened up for a Rogue or Warlock.

Add my btag Xtermiantz#6691 to discuss.


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