strategy against warr/dk? (shadow)

The only two classes i generally lose to 1 on 1 (or have trouble peeling from in RBG) are warriors and dk's. Every other class is relatively easy to control/kill/peel but these two are my achilles heel.

does anyone have a solid play style against these two classes?
not 90 yet so what do i know?!

against warriors you must save your orbs for disarm and time it with your tendrils im killing 89 without trouble right now.
DKs have poor mobility, so tendrils and spectral guise the first grip. fake cast for the mind freeze run away during their magic shield
You lose against Warrior always. There's nothing you can do. A decent Warrior in quest blues can beat a fully geared Shadow Priest 1v1.

You can sometimes RNG a DK if you out-gear it, but you'll generally lose.
Warriors can be rough but after you get geared they can be handled fairly regularly.

You want get your shield, your pet, and a buffed Pain on them before the first stun. If the warrior stuns you first, trinket and get a buffed pain, your pet and shield up. Follow the second stun with dispersion. While you aren't stunned, fear and get in as many mind blasts as you can, because you are going to want to use horror on the warrior followed by plague. Do not wait for 3 orbs, do your horror and plague on 1 orb. Finally don't forget to use Vampiric Embrace, and be sure to get Vampiric Touch up somewhere in all that and Mind Flay and renew and PoM and re-shield as much as you can. If you don't have VE ready to use or Dispersion, it's going to be a really rough ride. Oh and finally, when warrior is getting close to 20% health, be sure to give him another plague regardless of orb count to secure you have enough dps to overcome his second wind.

For DKs you want to silence them so they can't silence you so soon, and stops them from using death coil and their own sheild. When they do shield, that's when you disperse. besides that it's fear them and take them down. DKs are generally pretty easy to deal with, as long as you don't let them get first silence on you and you keep pressure on them.
agreed /\

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