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Bleeding Hollow
Hey there! <Rather Fancy> is a newly formed guild focused on raiding, with a side of PvP, that just transferred over from Ner'Zul. We're a group of friends that's been raiding since vanilla WoW back in 2005. We've experienced and played in a lot of different MMO's including games such as Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

Our raid times are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Server Time) and Sundays as an off-night for extended raiding. We plan on running 10 man raids.

We're looking for skilled Healers to join our ranks (no Mistweaver Monks, please). We will not consider anyone below level 90 and of lower item level than 463.

We expect all guild members to:
1) Be willing to use Mumble (required) and have a working mic
2) Be willing to spend your own mats should the need arise. [Note: The guild will ALWAYS try to provide repairs, flasks, and feasts]
3) Be willing to wipe for the sake of progression
4) Be fully dedicated to furthering the guild, be it with providing tradeskill services to guildies as well as donating flasks/feasts or anything else that might be needed
5) Be mature. We do not condone any racism or any insulting of any kind, although of course, jokes are allowed ;)

As said, we're a newly formed guild that just got started up today, but our current members are all ready for raiding. Please send an in-game tell to Menoth, Stallman, Nakedfist, Studworth, or Sutured for more information. You're also welcome to drop us a line here.
Bump for afternoon tea.
Tea is good.
Badump bump - need 2 healers! Everthing else is closed!
Still looking for healers and additional dps! Don't be afraid to pst any of us in game for more information.

Just wanted to add, we currently are formed off Shadow priest, blood dk, monk heals, monk dps, rogue, hunter, healpriest leveling, warrior tank and ret paladin.
Id join but I just hit 90 so Ill be geared enough soon.

Resto Shaman
seems fancy.
Hi all, still looking for people, all roles, with focus on healers and some ranged dps.

We are finishing up HoF and working on ToT!

Raid times are now Tuesdays/Thursdays/Sundays (sometimes) 7-10pm server.

Come on down!

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