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So I am the raid leader of a guild that is 3/6 HoF and were going in to try and finish Wind lord tonight. I am always trying to better myself and my group thursday got some tries on windlord and got him to phase 2. The healing in that phase is pretty tough when he does his blade crap and I really need to learn the raidwide defensive/healing CDs for ouyr class to set up a rotation.

The question is, is there a add on i can use to track the CDs? Or a link that would have them listed i couldnt find any.

Our comp is
Tanks - Monk/DK (monk dps for this fight)

Heals - Shammy/druid/pally

DPS - Lock/priest/Kitty druid/Rogue/Ele Shammy.

Any help setting up a CD rotation or any info on raidwide CD's would be much appreciated. Also any tips on the boss would be nice too. Thank you in advance.
I use Hermes to track raid cooldowns. There are many mods that can do this. You probably want to ignore personal and minor cooldowns, and just track the ones that offer significant raidwide healing and mitigation.
Have you tried two healing? The only real damage is the rain of blades, and dropping a healer can really cut down the time in p2.

However, these are what you have to work with as far as I can tell:

Healing tide, spirit link, ascendance, tranq, tree form, personal pally heal cds (kings/wings), spriest tranq (symbiosis), feral tranq, ancestral guidance (ele), vampiric embrace, heroism.

That's a pretty good amount of cds and you guys can easily cover each rain. Try and let him do rain of blades just BEFORE you push him over to p2 so you're not contending with the increased damage along with the phase change.

As for cd rotation, just make a list and stick to it. Using three healers means more rains will go out. Using two will mean less, but will require more coordination and maybe some overlap (e.g. feral tranq with vampiric). Of course, it all depends on the strength of your healers.

Remember, as long as people survive the rain, you can take a few seconds to heal everyone back up. Just gotta make sure that people are dodging his blade toss, as that's a significant amount of extra damage.
We just did it last night, 1 tank 2 heals works quite well, as long as you don't push him and he does Rain of Blades right after, you probably won't have any deaths.

He doesn't drop Wind Bombs during Rain of Blades, so you can have ranged stack to get topped off during p2 to make things easier for healers, as long as they spread right away, just like with Arcane Velocity on Feng.

The damage in p2 shouldn't be too insane, other than a RoB if you don't have any cooldowns available, but like Kharnhe said, Hermes is a great Raid Cd / cd tracker.

We found the enrage to be kind of strict in comparison to other fights though, so if you have someone die, it can create problems for you. I would definitely drop that third healer though.
Our dps is actually really good and we beat the enrage on garalon by about 40 seconds 3 healing it, its our healers that tend to struggle so well prolly do 1-3. Thanks for all the advice downloading hermes right now. How many raining blades does he normally get off in P2?
2-3, depending on dps iirc

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