I did bad, I'm sorry Blizzard.

Customer Support
NOTE: I created a ticket for this, also, I won't be returning. Just hoping other people will see and not do Stupid like I did.

Hello, I did not know where/who to send this type of information to. So sorry if it goes to the wrong department.

Note: Yes I know it's against your ToS.

Last night I attempted to buy a WoW account from a member on a selling forum, *******.com

I was scammed out of $40 as the seller did not give me the account information after I sent him the payment.

So I feel that I have to return the favor to the seller and contact you.
Yes, I have learned my lesson, I was bad.

I am attaching the the PrintScreens of our conversation, linking you the Dispute thread located on *****.com, linking you the Sellers Armory I was supposed to buy, and the print screen of the $40 paypal transaction.

I did also go in-game to try and communicate with the seller. I used another account to do that, Email: ****Edit out*** with the Character 'asdasdf' at around 10am and 11:30am PST. I was /ignored both times.

Again, I am sorry to have disappointed you Blizzard, I just couldn't help myself.

Seller's Armory of Character:

***Edit OUT****

As you can tell, most all members in that Guild '*************' are the same person. And if you dig deeper you will find that he has bought gold or done some other suspicious activity.

**** Dispute link:

***Edit Out***

Thank you blizzard, and sorry again.

EDIT: Took out personal info and site link.

Please remove the links in your thread. We don't want to advertise for them, do we?
While i applaud you for doing so, and want to catch the bad guy.

Please remove all of his information from this post, its not allowed on the forums.
Furthermore, if you delete the info, the forum moderator will still be able to read it, but no one else.
Delete the guild name
Why would you post this and risk a suspension? It's only $40, and most people know its against the tos and a stupid thing to do.

You mention that you aren't coming back.... Why even try to buy an account if you want to quit?
Delete the guild name

I am guessing the guild name was [Removed]
No, but calling a person OR a guild out on the forums is a violation of the Forum CoC and is considered harassment.
Trolling is not allowed within the Customer Support forum.
If you paid via bank contact them to terminate the transaction. If it was some other form of physical payment contact your local police department for fraud.
I'm sorry for your misfortune, Xsdfsdfs. Yes, the sale, trade or gifting of an account is against our Terms of Use, but no one deserves to be taken advantage of. If nothing else I hope that you come away wiser for the mistake though I'd agree with Daiyu, depending on the method of payment you used, you may still have an option.

As for the person who was scamming, an in-game ticket is great for many scam related activities, but if this is associated with a website, it may be best to send it over to our Hacks team through this webform.

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