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Yes you can.

No, you cannot in LFR or world bosses which is the only two cases this applies to. Obviously normal, and heroic mode do not have the same loot distribution. I've done them a million times. I'm certain. Also, get off your high horse. I'm trying to help not "spread misinfo" lfr hero.

Ive received loot on Galleon, and was NOT able to roll again.

Stop spreading this crap. It works in both LFR and World Bosses. If you didn't get the option on Galleon then it was a bug or you are blind.
Wow, you are one very angry individual. Must be hard.

Its entirely possible its just Galleon. Or hell, even bugged out if others have it working for them. I just asked the guild and they confirmed that they were not able to roll additionally on Galleon.

I'm just reporting what I saw with my own guildie. you can check his activity feed here if you like:

he got the belt and neck 6 days ago (tuesday), and the ring 1 day ago (sunday). 2 Galleon kills within the same lockout week, he got 3 different pieces of loot. he received one piece as a regular loot roll. the other 2 pieces he got from using coins.

I only hope some of his luck comes my way this following week for tier tokens. ^.^
Yea, I mean like I said it could be bugged? Who knows. Bugs in wow? Nevah!
its not a bug, I've personally gotten 2 items of sha the same kill. 1 via coin and 1 via normal roll, a friend on his first sha kill 2 weeks into the expansion got both prot teir gloves and legs.
Just because you didnt have the option doesnt mean everyone else is wrong.
I can verify getting the LFR wand and trinket off of one Elegon kill. The coin is an extra loot roll, irrespective of the loot you have or have not obtained on a boss from previously killing it. This of course doesn't apply to normal and heroic bosses where you cannot actually fight said boss more than once do to them not respawning until after locks reset, but it does apply to bosses you can fight more than once in a lockout period, such as world bosses or LFR.

As long as you have the coins to spend, you can spend them on a chance at loot.
Kind of crazy but there's three different rulesets at work.

1. Galleon has no lockout. Every time you kill him you're eligible for loot (and bonus roll).
2. Sha has a weekly lockout and you can't use a coin if you're ineligible for loot.
3. LFR has a weekly lockout but you can use a coin even if you're ineligible for loot.

Maybe the LFR bit is a bug but they specifically hotfixed #2 and didn't touch #3, so who knows.

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