Disc stats? Crit vs the rest.

So I have done a good deal of research about Disc Priest and have always understood their stat priority to be Mastery>haste>crit. But I have run a few Sim Crafts and they have suggested that I reforge all my mastery and haste into crit. My understanding behind crit is that yes it increases your heal and adds DA the the target but im not understanding how it could be valued over the rest. Was there a thread posted where i miss the discussion about Crit vs the other stats and is the sim crafts that i ran just bogus? If anyone can shed a little light on the subject any and all constructive criticisms would be welcomed.
The long and the short of it is crit is better for the spells we don't really cast. If you're brought to a raid to significantly reduce major damage spokes, then mastery is your stat since it is roughly equal in terms of non-ss poh and it is vastly superior in terms of ss-poh.

The only condition I could see disc going something but mastery is an atonement friendly encounter. ymmv.
They've been discussing the value of stats on the EJ thread for MoP Disc Priests. It's an interesting read - you might want to follow the conversation.

We started a back and forth here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6794980143?page=13#255

Basically haste is best for atonements and poh spam. Mastery is best for pw:s and spirit shell spam. Crit is a good all around that kind of fulfills the hps gains that haste has without the mana drain. So, stack whatever depending on your playstyle.
You also should factor in the point cost in stacking 1 stat vs another. To raise crit 1% you need 600 points whereas mastery you only need to use 240 to raise it 1%. So even if crit sims alittle better than mastery on a percentile comparison you have to understand that it came at a heavy cost.
Put it this way, if I'm on a budget and I wanted to make a decision on what food to buy based on calorie load, I have to be mindfull how much the items cost, not just how many calories said item gives me.
So lets say that Twinkie gives me 20 more calories than that hoho but it costs me almost 2 and a half times more to buy, I'm obviously going to stock up on hohos because I can get more bang for my buck.

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