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I was just in a dungeon with a healer who had another character following her on /autofollow. When I asked if we should vote kick the player out, the healer protested. She claimed the character following her was in fact her other account she had set up with RAF and she was leveling it.

Is it within the limits of the ToS to join a dungeon with your own alt on auto-follow? It's similar to multi-boxing only the additional character doesn't do anything.

Should I just ignore this behaviour?
It's not similar to multiboxing - it is multiboxing, just the following account isn't doing anything.

No, it's not reportable.

Multiboxing is fine.

Personally, I would have either kicked the following character or left, depending on the dungeon. Some of the classic dungeons are long enough without everyone pulling their weight.
It's definitely not botting as there is no out-of-game automation of any kind occurring.

Don't let that stop you from trying to kick them though, non-participation is always a good reason to try to remove someone from group imo.
It's not botting. These kind of situations are player governed; if you don't like it, feel free to initiate a Vote Kick. If you lose the healer along with it, then so be it.
not reportable, not botting. you can try and kick them if you want, but I've seen it before and usually don't *shrug*
Thanks all for your responses.

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