[A] Dissent(25) - WE NEED A TANK - URGENT!

Hey Guys, apologies for the double post but I wanted to call a bit of attention to this thread as we are in a fairly unpleasant situation.

We are currently looking for a full time tank: A paladin or a warrior is what we'd really like.
We are somewhat in dire straits in present as we have a fully committed roster chomping at the bit to get stuck into HMs but we are missing an important piece of the puzzle - one tank!

There is a more long-winded overview of our guild in our regular recruitment thread (linked below) but I'll do a quick & dirty rundown:

We are a long-standing 25 man guild (we've been around for close to 3 years) and have a more casual approach to raiding than many of our fellow 25 man guilds - we don't strive to clear content on turbo or push ourselves to compete hugely with server progression, but we still see good overall results every tier.

We are an adult guild - we have a pretty strict 18+ policy and expect maturity from our raiders.

We raid 3 nights per week (Mon/Wed/Thur) 8-11pm.

What sort of Tank are we looking for?

+ Someone with a fairly solid tanking history. Either 25 man encounter experience (previous tiers is ok) & some prior HM tanking is a must!

+ Someone who loves what they do! Keeping up to date & passionate about their class! Someone who really digs into their role on encounters and thinks about how to improve their performance during progression fights.

+ Someone with great communication. It's important that both tanks have a good verbal connection, both with themselves and also the raid team when required. You need to be confident on vent.

+ Someone with good attendance. While we are a casual guild that is happy to accommodate occasional AFKs, a tanking role requires near perfect attendance. On the nights you require off (non-emergency of course) we'd hope to be supplied with some warning. No shows or random, regular AFK's is not what we are looking for from our tanks.

Again, we are ideally looking for a warrior or paladin.
Please message myself, Jaii or Sinsational for a chat.


Regular Recruitment Thread:
nice googly eyes sin
No Dice +reps Dissent for not being a bunch of try hard idiot dorks
Ok, this isn't funny anymore. My Main tank might suffer a breakdown soon if he doesn't get a regular sidekick!
Tanks. Still urgent.

Don't make me make a 3rd thread.

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